Red Dead Online Player Pummeled by 3 Others After Random Attack

One Red Dead Online player shares a video which shows a griefer getting their swift comeuppance in just 14 seconds by a posse.

The American frontier truly was a gloomy period in human history that ran decadent with bloody violence and relentless brutality. Arguably, no other piece of media has captured such a bleak era in as remarkable detail as Rockstar Games’ Red Dead Online. After all, RDO players often engage in PvP combat across the open-world map since the popular multiplayer game allows players total access to its vast armory of rifles, shotguns and explosives from the get-go. With this in mind, it is best to be cautious when roaming throughout the West, as this latest video proves how deadly it can be to wage war with a posse.


For the uninitiated, Red Dead Online allows players full control over whether they wish to explore the world as a peacekeeping wayfarer or as a vengeful outlaw who seeks ill-gotten infamy in a fury of lead-slinging and blood-spilling action. While both avenues have their own play styles and advantages, an intense video by Reddit user DietCookie confirms one thing is clear for sure, and that is outlaws who engage in PvP activities tend to have a much shorter life expectancy than a reserved player who takes up one of Red Dead Online’s relaxing specialist roles like a collector.

Quickly racking up over 500 upvotes on the Red Dead Online community subreddit, DietCookie’s short yet exciting clip shows one outlaw getting their swift comeuppance served in just a matter of 14-seconds. The video starts with the player peacefully feeding their horse a carrot while their fellow posse members reservedly roam the dusty settlement after exiting a general store. All is fine until one of DietCookie’s friends strolls past a rather shifty outlaw who has spent the course of the video just suspiciously staring at DietCookie and their horse.

Out of nowhere, the outlaw breaks his glare on the player to unleash a heavy right hook upon DietCookie’s friend. While this punch made quite the connection to the victim’s jaw, it ends up being the one and only attack the outlaw can make before DietCookie’s posse members quickly dismantle him. Ending the bloody Red Dead Online battle in a somewhat suave manner is the posse leader, who causally saunters behind the outlaw whilst smoking a cigarette, then proceeds to strangle the outlaw to death in a choke-hold that lasts an astounding two seconds.

In summary, the unfortunate truth about Red Dead Online is that some lobbies can be full of griefers and outlaws who will wage unwanted wars upon peaceful players who wish to play the game without conflict. But, as this video shows, by creating a tight-night posse of peacekeepers, players can also form amicable groups that take care of outlaws and make the world safer for other pacifist players.

Red Dead Online is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Gamerant

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