Red Dead Online Player Achieves Incredible Accomplishment After 9200 Hours in the Game


  • An avid Red Dead Online player achieved Rank 1000 after playing for over 9200 hours, showcasing their dedication and love for the game.
  • Playing with friends was key to their success, as they found it impossible to grind alone without getting bored.
  • Despite slower updates from Rockstar, new missions like Hostage to Fortune and Trial & Tribulation provide players with fresh content to enjoy in Red Dead Online.

An avid Red Dead Online player has managed to achieve Rank 1000 after playing for over 9200 hours. There’s plenty to do in Red Dead Online, as the world is filled with engaging activities like story missions and free-roam events, but it’s rare to see someone who has spent so much time playing the game.

After the huge success of Red Dead Redemption 2, Red Dead Online received a standalone release back in 2020. While Red Dead Online never reached the same level of popularity as Grand Theft Auto Online, for example, it had its share of fans, and some of them are pretty hardcore.

Now, one Red Dead Online player called Fuwih has shared quite an incredible milestone: they achieved Rank 1000 in the Western adventure after playing for more than 9200 hours. To highlight how much time this is, this title was released around five years ago, and it would take someone playing for over five hours every single day to reach this mark. According to Fuwih, they achieved everything possible within Red Dead Online, owning the Platinum Trophy and every single limited edition piece of clothing.

In the Reddit post, Fuwih explained how they managed to get so far in the game. The secret, they believe, is to always play with friends. Fuwih only engaged with the online title accompanied by the same group of friends every day to achieve this level, stating they thought it would be impossible to just grind so many levels alone without quitting due to boredom. During this time, they engaged in Red Dead Online activities like wagon sales, showdowns, calls to arms, finding all possible collectibles, PvP, and free roam missions, for example. Another reason why Fuwih was able to achieve such a difficult feat is that they simply did not spend time with other games. Fuwih claimed they only played Red Dead Online this year, with Elden Ring being the only other game they tried last year.

Fortunately for Red Dead Online players, Rockstar has not abandoned the title just yet, despite greatly slowing down on updates recently and focusing more on GTA Online instead. Back in August, Rockstar added 3 new missions to Read Dead Online, called Hostage to Fortune, The Bell Tolls, and Trial & Tribulation. These were pretty varied missions that had players guarding trains, searching for witnesses in court cases, and saving families that were taken hostages by bandits. Hopefully, the new missions will give players more content to play.

Red Dead Online is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Gamerant

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