Rainbow Six Extraction Trailer Explains Maelstrom Protocol

The latest trailer for Rainbow Six Extraction covers challenging end game content players can look forward to including Maelstrom Protocol.

With the imminent launch of Rainbow Six Extraction on the horizon, Ubisoft’s marketing efforts have quickly increased. New details about the game as well as fresh gameplay have appeared more regularly, including the fact that PC and Xbox players can nab a copy of Rainbow Six Extraction for free through Game Pass. Additional details regarding the PC requirements as well as how the different console generations handle the game have also recently come to light.


While Rainbow Six Extraction may be inspired by the Outbreak game mode from Siege, Ubisoft has gone to great lengths to show that the game isn’t just an expanded version of that. In addition to a campaign story, Extraction attempts to maintain high replayability thanks to randomized sub-maps and objectives, with procedurally generated enemies and mission items. In addition, Ubisoft has already confirmed plenty of post-launch support and is now showing off challenging, end-game level content.

The latest Rainbow Six Extraction trailer goes over the challenging activity known as Maelstrom Protocol. The mode is intended for high level players who want to not only test their skills by overcoming intense ranked challenges, but potentially score some new loot. Better yet, the mode, operators, and objectives change on a weekly basis, which should go a long way to keeping players invested for the long haul.

Unlike traditional missions inside a normal Rainbow Six Extraction run, Maelstrom triples that by giving players 9 objectives to complete each with their own mutation modification. Players only have six randomly selected operators to choose from and if the run ends in a failed state, players will have to rescue them in M.I.A. missions in the normal Extraction modes. However, after finishing three objectives, the difficulty rises, the objective timer gets shorter, and health and ammo stations start to be more scarce. Thankfully, players can always extract after completing an objective, banking the XP they’ve earned, or continue forward risking it all for better rewards.

While there will likely be some Extraction players who are purely in it for the endgame challenge, others may be swayed by the lucrative rewards. For those who are able to complete objectives and extract from a Maelstrom Protocol mission, the mode will hand out plenty of XP and REACT credits in addition to exclusive cosmetic items and seasonal headgear. Players can rise on the ranked leaderboard, hitting certain milestones that unlock an associated piece of headgear showing off the current level they’re on.

Rainbow Six Extraction launches January 20 for PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Gamerant

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