Rainbow Six Extraction Preload Available Now for Xbox Game Pass Subscribers

Xbox Game Pass subscribers excited to play the upcoming Rainbow Six Extraction game can preload it on their consoles now.

One of the first big video game releases of 2022 is Rainbow Six Extraction from Ubisoft. A horror-focused spin-off of Rainbow Six Siege, Rainbow Six Extraction moves the series from PvP to PvE, as players have to work cooperatively to take out an alien threat. It was recently confirmed that Rainbow Six Extraction would be coming to Xbox Game Pass on day one, and now subscribers to that service are able to preload the game.

Rainbow Six Extraction is a day one Xbox Game Pass game, meaning it will be available to subscribers of Microsoft’s popular service on the very day that it launches, Thursday, January 20. That’s still a couple weeks out at this point, but Xbox Game Pass subscribers can make sure that they have the game downloaded and ready to go as the Rainbow Six Extraction preload is available now.


According to the Xbox Game Pass preload, the Rainbow Six Extraction file size is 46.63 on Xbox Series X, so the game does require a decent amount of space without being quite as egregious as some other big budget titles. It’s large enough that it may cause some players difficulty depending on what kind of Internet they have, so those individuals will no doubt appreciate being able to preload the game ahead of launch.

rainbow six extraction game pass

Right now, Rainbow Six Extraction is one of the only upcoming Xbox Game Pass games that subscribers can preload. This is despite the fact that Rainbow Six Extraction is one of three total day one Xbox Game Pass games currently confirmed to be launching on January 20. It will be joined by Pupperazz and Windjammers 2, though those games are admittedly going to be significantly smaller in scope and will have much smaller file sizes than Rainbow Six Extraction.

Rainbow Six Extraction being available as a day one Xbox Game Pass game could potentially be huge for its playerbase. Rainbow Six Extraction has players fighting aliens, which is a big departure from series norms, as the other Rainbow Six games try to be relatively realistic. This has already caused some division in the community, but one has to imagine that skeptics are likely to give Rainbow Six Extraction a chance if they’re able to try it through Xbox Game Pass as opposed to paying full price for it.

Rainbow Six fans will find out sooner rather than later if Extraction ends up being another solid entry for the franchise or if it’s a misfire. Any Xbox Game Pass subscribers curious about the game can start their preload now.

Rainbow Six Extraction launches January 20 for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

Source: Gamerant

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