PUBG: New State Update Adds New Vehicles and Weapon

PUBG Corporation drops the first post-launch content update for mobile battle royale PUBG: New State with two new vehicles and a new gun.

PUBG: New State officially launched on November 11, delivering the next iteration of PUBG Corporation’s mobile battle royale vision. While PUBG: New State is not without its critics, by all accounts the battle royale is very popular. It’s no surprise then that just over a month after launch, PUBG Corp. is preparing its first major post-launch patch for PUBG: New State. In newly released details about the patch, PUBG Corp. has confirmed new content including the addition of vehicles and a weapon.


To start with the new weapon, which PUBG: New State players will be getting quickly acquainted with in-game, it’s named the L85A3. The L85A3 is an assault rifle unique among the weaponry currently in the game in that it has very low recoil. To balance it out, the L85A3 also has a lower overall fire rate compared to other assault rifles in PUBG: New State. But when it hits, it packs a punch. The L85A3 has the highest overall damage out of all rifles that use 5.56m ammo.

Regarding the new vehicles, PUBG: New State will be adding two to the game. These aren’t just basic additions, however. The new PUBG vehicles are unique offerings that should mix up PUBG: New State‘s gameplay in a fun way. The first is minibus named the Electron, featuring six seats and high-end durability. The second vehicle is named the Mesta and is on the opposite end of the spectrum compared to the Electron. The Mesta is a two-seat sports car that’s very fast. Both vehicles are available on Troi and in the Training Grounds, while the Mesta is also available on Erangel.

The weapon and two vehicles aren’t the only changes or additions coming in PUBG: New State‘s first post-launch update. PUBG Corp. is also expanding gun customization in the patch, specifically adding options for the M416, SLR, and the new L85A3. A new Merit Point system is also being added to encourage good behavior in games. Losing Merit Points by being reported for poor behavior will remove a player from Squad Mode entirely, though Merit Points can be re-earned in Solo Mode.

PUBG: New State‘s first big post-launch patch also coincides with the release of the game’s Survivor Pass Vol. 2. This battle pass focuses on Bell and the Dream Runners Faction, and as such features plenty of Bell skins, but much more, too.

This is obviously just the start of PUBG Corp.’s plans for PUBG: New State. It’s only been a month since the mobile game’s launch and it’s already received a substantial content update. Expect more of the same going forward into 2022.

PUBG: New State is available now on iOS and Android.

Source: Gamerant

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