PUBG Creator Teases Planet-Sized Worlds for New Game

PlayerUnknown, the creator of the PUBG: Battlegrounds franchise, reveals a video showcasing his new world-generation technology.

PlayerUnknown, real name Brendan Greene, is known for experimenting with technology to create exciting new games. Green is best known for helping create the modern era of battle royale multiplayer games. His biggest project is, of course, PUBG: Battlegrounds, but it took years to foster the technology necessary for 100-player experiences. Since 2019, Greene has been pursuing new ideas and a recent tweet from him may offer the latest look at what he and his team at PlayerUnknown Productions have put together.


In what looks to be a recruitment drive for PlayerUnknown Productions, Greene shared a video of a proof-of-concept tech demo he helped create from early 2021. This short video shows a camera covering a great distance, first flying close to the ground through foliage and then high above in the clouds, showcasing what appears to be a huge map full of mountains and trees. Greene described the demo as giving him confidence “to think about planet-sized worlds.”

Greene goes on to say that he’s also thinking about the possibilities that planet-sized worlds could present to video game players, though he doesn’t get any more specific than that. His only other comment is to say that PlayerUnknown Productions is hiring and that those who want to help make those kinds of worlds should apply.

That Greene and PlayerUnknown Productions are working on massive games isn’t a secret, but this is the first time that players have gotten a look at the scale of what they’re making. The video may even be familiar to some, as it does look similar to footage shown of Greene’s Prologue project from when he was part of PUBG Special Projects.

For those unfamiliar, Greene has previously said that PlayerUnknown Productions is continuing work on Prologue, which he describes as a single-player experience that takes place on a 64-square kilometer map. The technology used to create such a massive world will then be used to potentially create huge, “Earth-sized” virtual worlds codenamed Project Artemis. Greene has acknowledged that Artemis may be impossible, but that PlayerUnknown Productions will still be working toward that goal.

It’s unclear if this short video is a glimpse at PlayerUnknown Productions’ work on Prologue, an effort at Artemis‘ planet-sized virtual worlds, or a separate experiment developing the technology necessary for those other projects. Either way, it does provide a visual idea of what Greene hopes to accomplish. If this is what Greene and PlayerUnknown Productions had put together for early 2021, they’re certain to be closer to realizing Artemis a year later.

Source: Gamerant

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