PS VR2 Features 4K HDR, More Details Revealed

The next step in PlayStation VR is officially detailed, revealing a 4K HDR display, eye tracking, sensory feedback, and more.

Virtual reality is a unique way for developers to bring players into the game world they’ve built, allowing them to interact and see it all around them, rather than plastered on a screen. It seems virtual reality in gaming isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, and Sony has just revealed its next step in the medium.

The new announcement comes way of the CES trade show, which is just getting started as of this writing. Following some brief mentions and teases of the headset, Sony is finally ready to give players an idea of what to expect from its upcoming PS VR2 virtual reality headset.


The PS VR2 headset specs are impressive, potentially making it an excellent competitor to currently available headsets, like the Valve Index. Users can expect the headset’s OLED display to provide a 4K resolution of 2000×2040 per eye, 90/120Hz refresh rate, a 110~ degree field of view, and adjustable lenses to better fit the user’s eye spacing and pupillary distance.

One of the PS VR 2’s most unique aspects is eye tracking. According to Sony, players’ eye movements can be accurately measured by the device, allowing that data to be utilized in-game as ‘additional input for the game character.’ This feature is relatively new in the world of virtual reality, with both the Oculus Quest 2 and Valve Index lacking the ability to do so at this time.

Unlike the Oculus Quest 2, the PS VR 2 headset is strictly designed to be used with the PS5 console, and is not a wireless virtual reality headset. However, there have been some improvements over its predecessor, as it now only uses a single cable, which should make it easier to play without getting tangled up or disconnected. Similar to the Oculus Quest 2, however, the PS VR 2 has inside-out tracking, meaning players won’t need to worry about setting up sensors around the room to use the device.


The PS VR 2 is also introducing its own controller, called the PlayStation VR2 Sense controller. The controller is described as providing unique sensory feedback, likely utilizing similar or identical technology to the PS5 DualSense controllers. The headset has some unique features that haven’t been seen on most VR headsets before, including haptic feedback in the headset, letting players ‘feel’ when objects or weaponry fly by in-game, or a character’s pulse becomes elevated.

At this time, there isn’t an official release window for the PS VR 2, but Sony promises more information will be on the way. Unfortunately, with many gamers still unable to find and purchase PS5 consoles, it may be a while before every fan can try the headset for themselves. Nonetheless, it looks as though Sony is betting big on the future of virtual reality.

Source: PlayStation

Source: Gamerant

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