PS Vita PlayStation Store Issues Have Been Fixed

In light of recent complications with the PS Vita store, Sony fixes the ongoing issues that saw users being unable to purchase certain content.

Within the last year, a great deal of attention has been put on the PS Vita’s PlayStation Store. After Sony announced that the PSP, PS Vita, and PS3 stores were going to shut down, there was a massive outcry from PlayStation fans that wanted the stores to remain active so that the games they offered could be preserved. While both the PS Vita and PS3 stores are still in working order following these fan concerns, there have been some recent issues regarding the PS Vita store.


Earlier this month, fans pointed out that classic PlayStation games were not working on PS Vita and PS3, producing an error that stated that the product had expired. This became even more problematic recently, as several fans pointed out that certain content on the PS Vita store is outright unavailable to download. Luckily, it seems that Sony has since fixed this particular issue, restoring the PS Vita’s store to working order.

According to PushSquare, a website specializing in PlayStation related news, all the issues that players have been having with the PS Vita store are now resolved. Users will now be able to purchase and download any content they want off of the PS Vita store, as well as re-download any content that they had previously purchased without any sort of hiccup.

For many PS Vita owners, seeing errors stating that content isn’t available would be deeply concerning given how Sony nearly shut down the store last year. Needless to say, many fans were relieved when Sony announced that the PlayStation stores for the PS Vita and PS3 would be staying, but these sorts of technical issues are certainly still cause for concern.

It’s nice to see that Sony has continued to remain reactive in terms of its older hardware, especially the PS Vita. By all accounts, the PlayStation Vita was a very unsuccessful handheld, especially compared to how high the sales of the PSP were back when it first released. So the fact that Sony is still taking the time to fix any ongoing issues with the PS Vita is quite encouraging for people that still actively use the system.

In any case, it will be interesting to see what PlayStation ends up doing with the PS Vita going forward. While the PS Vita store isn’t going away anytime soon, some of the handheld’s best titles, like Persona 4 Golden, have cultivated newfound success on other platforms. The attention that Persona 4 Golden has received could potentially revitalize other PS Vita exclusive games, even if the platform itself receives very little support nowadays.

Source: PushSquare

Source: Gamerant

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