PS Plus Survey Claims Most Users Are ‘Satisfied’ With the Service

According to a recent survey conducted by Sony, the majority of PS Plus subscribers are reportedly ‘satisfied’ with the service.

Recently, PS Plus Premium launched in Asia and almost immediately came under fire, as it turned out that upgrading to PS Plus Premium up-charged those who originally purchased it at a discount. Sony was quick to fix this, however, citing it as an error and providing credit to those impacted by it. Since PS Plus Premium is new, it’s understandable that there would be a few bugs, but by and large, it seems the reaction has been positive.

PS Plus Premium’s game list is promising, as well as other bonuses like the game trials. Still, it’s understandable if some are waiting to see Sony reveal everything before dedicating to it, but to say PS Plus seems to be on an upward trend is a good thing. While some of the recent free games for PS Plus have faltered, Sony says a majority of its subscribers are satisfied with the service.


Sony recently conducted a service of PS Plus subscribers on PS4 (and not PS5), reporting that 72% of them are satisfied with the service. To be specific, 33% were “extremely satisfied,” while 18% rated it at a 9, and 21% rated it at an 8. According to Sony’s data, which does not reveal how many subscribers were surveyed, 36% subscribe for online multiplayer, 30% for the free monthly games, 21% for game discounts and so on, and 13% for Cloud storage.

While not every free game for PS Plus connects with every subscriber, the fact that 30% are in it for the “free” games bodes well for PS Plus Extra and PS Plus Premium. Sony is expanding its library offerings by a ton, and that’s only going to give fans even more to play. Notably, Sony does reveal that 69% of its subscribers are on PS4 (which may be due to PS5 shortages and the PS4’s longstanding popularity), and that means those players will not be able to access the PS5 version of games on the library.

Sony also reveals that there has been an upward incline in subscribers in recent years, though there was a notable decline in PS Plus subscribers between FY20 and FY21. Sony notes that the release of Fall Guys, as well as COVID-19 (as many turned to games in quarantine), drove record engagement in FY20, accounting for this blip. It’s still a nice detail, and this survey ultimately bodes well for PS Plus’ future.

PS Plus Premium releases on June 13.

Source: Sony’s Business Overview (via PushSquare)

Source: Gamerant

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