PS Plus Premium Bug is Keeping Players from Playing Syphon Filter

On June 13, Sony officially launched its new pricier version of the PlayStation Plus subscription service. The service is now broken into three tiers, including a standard Essential subscription and two new expanded subscriptions, Extra and Premium. These PlayStation Plus tiers grant access to hundreds of games, freely available to subscribers. With so many games unlocking, it’s perhaps no surprise that some games, notably Syphon Filter, have some bugs to work out.


Some PlayStation Plus Premium subscribers have reported that they haven’t been able to download Syphon Filter since it unlocked as part of their subscription rewards. When they try to download it, they instead receive the error message “WS-116483-3”. No known workaround has been discovered that allows the download to commence, unfortunately. For players wanting access to Syphon Filter on their PlayStation 5, they’ll unfortunately have to wait for an official fix to be delivered.

There is some good news, luckily. PlayStation Plus Premium subscribers have already reached out to PlayStation to let the company know that there’s an issue with Syphon Filter and PlayStation has responded. According to customer service representatives, the issue is known and will be addressed as able. The customer service representative says a fix will be delivered “ASAP” but does acknowledge that with the service just recently having been launched some issues may take longer to be addressed than others.

In Syphon Filter‘s case, it’s easy to imagine that PlayStation will make it a priority to ensure the game is fully available to subscribers with relative quickness. Syphon Filter may not be PlayStation’s most popular or successful franchise, but it is recognizable and a reboot for the franchise seems inevitable down the line. Mostly, though, PlayStation will want to make Syphon Filter available because it’s what was promised to subscribers. Having it be broken makes PlayStation Plus Premium look bad.

PlayStation Plus Premium subscribers should have more than enough alternative options to keep them entertained while PlayStation works on a fix for Syphon Filter, though. PlayStation Plus Premium offers a library of 400 PS4 and PS5 games, as well as a catalog of PS3, PS, PS2, and PSP games. There’s plenty else to play.

For subscribers who had their minds set on Syphon Filter, though, there’s nothing to do but wait. At a price of $17.99 a month, a game promised should be delivered, but it’s also understandable for a new service to have some bugs. PlayStation will hopefully have the issue corrected with a quickness, so PlayStation Plus Premium subscribers can play what they paid for.

Source: Gamerant

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