Prime Video’s Spanish Channel Banned on Twitch for Flashing

Twitch bans Amazon Prime Video’s Spanish channel due to a flashing incident during a late night show livestream that breaks its terms of service.

Although Twitch has a “do not ban” list that was confirmed by recent leaks, Amazon Prime Video’s Spanish channel is not above strict punishments. During a recent livestream, PrimeVideoES flashed their audience and has been banned as a result.

PrimeVideoES was officially banned from Twitch due to the recent stream on December 19, but it seems like one of the hosts of their late night shows saw the ban coming. Before lifting her shirt live on the “Esto es un Late” show stream, host Henar Alvarez stated that they’re going for the ban and “they’ll ban us.” Although the producer of Esto es un Late cut Alvarez off before it was too late, the PrimeVideoES Twitch channel was banned as predicted.


Alvarez joined the rest of Esto es un Late‘s hosts in signing off the Twitch late night show with a wave to the live viewers prior to lifting her clothing. Before being cut off, Alvarez exposed herself as a fellow host held her hands over Alvarez’s exposed nipples and another host teased a second flashing. Esto es un Late‘s producer showed the ending title screen upon Alvarez’s wardrobe malfunction, eventually ending with the shows graphic and “thank you for watching.”

Part of the Twitch Terms of Services prohibits sexually suggestive content and nudity like Alvarez revealing herself during Esto es un Late and the livestream host knew that her actions would have such ramifications. It’s currently unclear how long PrimeVideoES will remain banned from Twitch, but previous bans for similar offenses lasted just a few days. While PrimeVideoES fans don’t know when they can expect to watch future Esto es un Late shows, the ban of an Amazon Prime Video account sets a new precedent on the platform.

When it isn’t hosting its own late show, PrimeVideoES is known for streaming various NFL games including Thursday Night Football, AVP Beach Volleyball tournaments, and a variety of IRL content. Although the Twitch channel isn’t among the top-followed on the platform, PrimeVideoES maintains a considerable group of 350,000 followers. A large portion of these followers are likely from Spain as well, a place where nudity is more common on TV, but PrimeVideoES has scrubbed their VODs of the flashing incedent regardless.

Bans on Amazon’s streaming service have been common since before Amazon took over, with a couple of recent Twitch bans including Hasan Piker, IShowSpeed, and Soulja Boy. Although bans are handed out regularly, this is the first time Twitch has notably banned an Amazon related account. Because Twitch is owned by Amazon, some members of the community are surprised that the PrimeVideoES channel wasn’t on the known “do not ban” list, while others see the humor in the situation.

Source: Gamerant

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