Preview Shows Minecraft Running on Xbox Series With Ray Tracing

Minecraft is not exactly known for its stunning visuals, which is partly what makes the game so appealing, but its graphics are still being improved.

These days, video game visuals are about more than just how well the developers can create detailed and believable worlds. Algorithms also play an increasingly vital role. With ray tracing allowing more realistic lighting in games, the studios and others working in the industry are fast adopting this technique to really make the graphics pop. While this is typically reserved for AAA titles that already have pretty advanced aesthetics, more simple-looking games like Minecraft are also viable to have this modern gaming standard.


In a recent tweet from the current Senior Editor of The Verge, Tom Warren, a short video was uploaded which shows Minecraft running on the Xbox Series X/S. When the game is booted up, it shows that it’s now had ray tracing technology included in this port. It shows the player going into the options and turning ray tracing on and off to see the difference between the two. At the time of writing, it seems as though this is currently available for Xbox Insiders through the game’s Preview version, but should be getting rolled out soon, if it hasn’t already.

A few people commenting under the tweet have been waiting for this technology to reach the game. With Minecraft getting ray tracing on PC at the end of 2020, it seems as though having it implemented on other systems has been a long time coming. One person asked whether the game would also be getting upscaling on the Xbox Series consoles. Warren replied that although DLSS is available on the PC version, that’s Nvidia exclusive tech, whereas the Xbox runs an AMD graphics card. Still, some upscaling AI could become available at some point.

With games like Hitman 3 looking to add ray tracing, it’s clearly a key part of development, even when added after the fact. Some may be skeptical about how much of a difference it makes at a cursory glance, but it seems more obvious from Warren’s tweet that there is definitely an improvement when it’s turned on, as it renders the world with more realistic lighting and shadows.

As for the IP itself, there is seemingly no end to Minecraft‘s popularity. As a game with near infinite replayability, there is seemingly no end of players who are keen to keep building in the expansive blocky realm. While part of its charm is the fact that it has pretty simplistic visuals, which makes it all the more distinctive, there are many out there who wouldn’t mind seeing how the Xbox Series port plays with some visual enhancements.

Minecraft is available now on Mobile, PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

Source: Gamerant

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