Portal Speedrunner Sets New World Record, Completes Game in Under 6 Minutes

There is no greater challenge for gamers than to set a speedrun world record, and this one Portal player manages to beat the game at break neck speed.

The speedrunning community is awash with talented individuals and a group mindset that’s always eager to help those who are looking for tips on how to beat something in record time. WIth many games that new speedrunners can get to grips with, there has never been a better opportunity to set new challenges in which players either set their own personal bests, or even achieve a world record. With that in mind, this one Portal fan has managed to zoom to the end of the game with great rapidity.


In a recent video uploaded to YouTube, user and runner Shizzal has managed to set a new world record for beating the Valve puzzle game, with a staggering time of 5:56. Watching the video, it becomes apparent that speedrunning a game like Portal requires a degree of accuracy that borders on military precision. It’s quite mind-blowing to see just how quickly they can get out of bounds and make immense progress in such a short span of time.

At the time of writing, Shizzal has also achieved a number of other records for this game, at least in the PC version. According to Speedruns.com, they also hold the record for a glitchless run, with a time of 14:36 and an inbound run in which they were able to get to the end in just 8:37. This latest run is in the “out of bounds” category, in which the runner can use glitches to gain traction. As one of the best puzzle games in recent history, the original Portal is only a short title, lasting maybe a couple of hours for an average gamer. But over the years, it’s seen many challengers swing by to see how many milliseconds and frames they can shave off previous records.

It’s gotten to the point where even Valve itself is impressed with Portal speedrunners. With fans looking for new ways to run through the game pretty much since day one, it almost feels as if the community has got it down to a fine art. However, with people like Shizzal breaking new world records, it shows that there are still more strategies that can be discovered in this 15-year-old title.

As for the Portal series itself, with Valve recently releasing Aperture Desk Job in conjunction with the Steam Deck, it seems that there is still much to be explored in the Aperture Science universe. It remains to be seen whether there will ever be a full Portal 3, but in the meantime, it will be interesting to see whether Shizzal, or anyone else, can set the bar even higher for speedruns.

Portal is available on PC, PS3, Switch, and Xbox 360.

Source: Speedruns

Source: Gamerant

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