‘Pokemon With Guns’ Game Palworld Gets New Trailer

The odd little apparent homage to Pokemon with assault rifles and grenades, Palworld, has another trailer out that shows how this darker world works.

The Pokemon game that is not actually a Pokemon game is shedding more light on just what players can do in Palworld. Long billed as a “Pokemon game with guns,” Palworld dropped a new trailer recently that sheds a bit more light on aims and activities that will take place in this upcoming title.

Considering the massive success that the Pokemon franchise has had over the years, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that there are developers out there willing to make titles that look quite a bit like another installment in the series, without actually being attached to it in any way. Some of these games are offered up as a kind of homage. Others are called out as what appears to be ripoffs. Palworld appears to be leaning towards the former than the latter with its own spin on the genre.


The new trailer offers up about a minute and a half of the story and lore of Palworld. The video also showed how much the game has in common with Pokemon while also being quite a bit different.

The trailer opens with a player character first flying through the air on one of his animal compatriots and then racing through a canyon. As happy light music plays, more scenes of human characters hanging out, gardening, and even cooking for their animal friends are shown. However, eventually, the trailer gradually takes a slightly darker turn as it shows off just why this is so often thought of as a Pokemon with guns game.

That gradually darker turn gets even darker as the trailer continues, showing several creatures apparently mass-producing machine guns while another set of animals are strapped down to gurneys for what seems like some sort of modification or experimentation. The trailer then starts showing off all the action that takes place in Palworld with human characters both opening fire and hurling grenades at various creatures throughout the land.

Throughout the trailer, the art style and even the music works to show how Palworld is paying its own kind of homage to games that came before it. it’s close enough to the original Pokemon games that the average viewer who didn’t know what they might not even realize they weren’t looking at another installment in the popular franchise. It will be interesting to see just how the meshing of this particular world is going to go when it finally arrives on the market later this year.

Palworld releases for PC in 2022.

Source: Gamerant

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