Pokemon Unite Update Will Fix Hoopa Problems

Several bugs related to the latest addition of Hoopa to Pokemon Unite will be fixed in an upcoming update to the game.

Ever since it launched in the summer of last year, Pokemon Unite has continued to be a consistently supported through several updates and plenty of new content. The Pokemon franchise’s first-ever MOBA has seen plenty of fan-favorite and unique additions to its roster. These include classic creatures such as Blastoise to newer creatures such as Cramorant from Pokemon Sword and Shield. With the franchise’s annual Pokemon Day festivities taking place over the past week, it also coincided with the addition of Hoopa.


Hoopa’s addition to Pokemon Unite was noted to be a complex beast to master, with the game’s official website explicitly telling fans it requires expert level strategies to be used. The Psychic/Ghost-type’s abilities revolved around his signature rings, which allow the player or any of their teammates to teleport between different parts of the map, or to come back to itself. Its Unbound Form was incorporated as its Unite Move, which gives the player upgraded battle abilities and teleportation ring. With a mechanic like this adding a new layer of complexity to the game, it introduced several bugs and glitches that many fans experienced. Many of these glitches however are looking to be patched in an upcoming update.

A tweet posted to the official Pokemon Unite Twitter announced that a number of these bugs tied to Hoopa and its moveset will be fixed. The tweet goes over specific bugs that the developer is looking into fixing, with many of them related to how Pokemon interact with Hoopa’s dimensional rings. This includes Hoopa teleporting to an opponent’s ring, along with movement restrictions being updated to include said teleportation abilities.

This update to fix these bugs in Pokemon Unite will be going live for users on March 11th. While this hotfix won’t be going live for at least another week, it will be packaged with a bigger update to the game. It’s entirely possible that players will be getting either some new Holowear or other content being added in through this upcoming patch. This includes the possible addition of Duraludon and balance changes coming to the game as well.

Hoopa’s addition also came with a special Pokemon Day content to Pokemon Unite, introducing a new mode called Fury. This features faster matches that are exclusively about battling, similar to a Team Deathmatch mode in other games. Players can also unlock Hoopa fairly quickly thanks to special missions in Pokemon Unite, which also nets them some special trainer cosmetic items upon logging in.

Pokemon Unite is available now for Mobile and Switch.

Source: Gamerant

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