Pokemon Unite is Adding Another Eevee Evolution to the Roster

Following the addition of Fairy-type Sylveon last October, Pokemon Unite unveils the newest member to its roster will be a second Eevee evolution.

Last October, developer TiMi Studio Group and The Pokemon Company unveiled the first Eevee evolution to its list of playable monsters in Pokemon Unite. Much to the delight of the player base, Sylveon joined the roster, becoming one of the few Fairy-type Pokemon available in the game.

Since then, the roster has expanded to include a total of 34 Pokemon, but that number is bound to grow over time. On May 10, Pokemon Unite announced its newest addition to the roster, and it’s the second evolution form from the Eevee line that has Pokemon Unite fans excited for its release.


Espeon, the Psychic-type Eeveelution, is the latest Pokemon to join the Pokemon Unite roster. Listed as a ranged attacker, the Sun Pokemon will be available in-game on May 16 and is sure to be one that players will line up to grab hold of and take advantage of its Psychic-type move pool. Espeon is one of eight Eevee forms and debuted in the second generation, Pokemon Gold and Silver, instantly becoming one of the strongest Pokemon in the game. Like Umbreon, who also made its debut in the second generation, Espeon evolves via happiness level, a mechanic introduced in Pokemon Gold and Silver. The condition that separates the two Pokemon is that Espeon evolves during the day while Umbreon, a dark-type Pokemon, evolves at night.

Espeon becomes the fifth Psychic-type Pokemon in the game, following Slowbro, Mr. Mime, Gardevoir, and Hoopa. It was revealed last week through a datamine that Espeon and Delphox were the newest additions to Pokemon Unite’s roster. While the rumors were unconfirmed at the time, it’s now a reality for at least one of the two. Delphox has not received any confirmation yet, but the Fire/Psychic Pokemon could be next in line to join the roster after Espeon. Delphox is the final evolution form of Fennekin, the fire-type starting Pokemon from the sixth generation. Its unique duo-typing of Fire and Psychic are sure to be highly sought after in Pokemon Unite, as the unit could potentially set up for ranged and close-combat attacks.

Last month, Pokemon Unite added Water/Fairy Pokemon Azumarill to its roster, following the additions of Duraludon and Hoopa. The theme appears to be centered around Psychic-type Pokemon, as Delphox’s potential addition would be the third Psychic-type Pokemon included in the last two months. With Pokemon Unite surpassing 70 million downloads since launch, there is extra incentive for developer TiMi Studio Group to continue adding more content to the game to keep its player base happy and active. The Pokemon Unite May Cup Championship series will take place this weekend, with registrations now open for anticipated players looking to earn rewards and bragging rights.

Pokemon Unite is available now for Nintendo Switch and mobile devices.

Source: Gamerant

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