Pokemon Scarlet and Violet May Have a Spain-Specific Pre-Order Bonus

A figure of the starters for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet may end up being a preorder bonus for the games exclusive to Spain.

Pre-order bonuses are nothing new to gamers. Many publishers want to entice audiences to purchase games as soon as possible. One of the ways they hook in would-be buyers is with the promise of an exclusive item only available to those who pre-order. The Pokemon franchise is no stranger to this as it recently announced a flying Pikachu for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet obtainable through pre-ordering the games.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have become a fairly discussed subject in some circles on the internat since its latest trailer. Among other discussed topics such as the ability to challenge the gyms in any order and new regional variant of Wooper, is the possibility of another pre-order bonus coming for the games. Though this one may be more limited.


A user on Reddit by the name of Alex_dlc made a post discussing a possible exclusive pre-order bonus for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Alex_dlc claims that a Spanish GAME Twitter account revealed a statue of the Generation 9 starter Pokemon and that the item would be an exclusive pre-order item to Spain.

It should be noted that this is simply a rumor, and it’s unknown if this is indeed an exclusive pre-order item. If this were true, then this product would likely become a popular collectors item, similar to this limited edition Great Ball replica, due to the low availability. As publishers, it isn’t unheard of for Nintendo to region-lock certain products relating to its games, but only time will tell if this statue proves to be exclusive.

Pre-ordering is a normal part of the lives of gamers but some don’t engage with the act for any number of reasons. These bonuses are a business tool, though why Nintendo would limit this statue to only Spain is something some Pokemon fans may be questioning. Though Pokemon Scarlet and Violet has left fans with many other question they’ll ponder until release, such as the comparison between Dynamax and the newest battle mechanic Terastal.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is arriving soon with Pokemon fans having several topics to discuss before the Autumn release. The possibility of this pre-order being just one of them. The new rival character Nemona has earned much fan speculation as well. While audiences still remain in the dark as to what plans there are for this possible preorder item, fans can continue to discuss their opinions on the exclusivity of this possible item.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet release on November 18th for the Nintendo Switch.

Source: Gamerant

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