Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Fan Makes Impressive Drawing Featuring Paldean Wooper and Bellibolt

One creative Pokemon Scarlet and Violet fan has made a brilliant painting of two new pocket monsters, Paldean Wooper and Bellibolt. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are set to bring a host of new Pokemon, including the likes of Cyclizar, Farigiraf, Koraidon, and Smoliv. Bellibolt is the most recently announced new pocket monster set to debut in the upcoming franchise, whereas Paldean Wooper was revealed a few months ago.

Bellibolt is arguably the more mysterious of the two, as little information is available about it. All that is known is that Bellibolt is an Electric-type Pokemon based on frogs and is capable of unleashing tremendous amounts of electricity due to the Belly-Button Dynamo effect. On the other hand, Paldean Wooper is a new entry but a regional variant of Wooper, which has been around since the 2nd Generation. Now, a fan has pictured the two of them together in a fantastic painting.


Twitter user zucchini deserves credit for creating stunning fan art featuring Paldean Wooper and Bellibolt in a jungle setting. The user uploaded an image on the social media platform showing their creation featuring the two upcoming pocket monsters. The peculiar thing about this fan art is the unusual position of the two Pokemon with respect to one another. The drawing shows the Paldean Wooper sitting on top of Bellibolt’s head, and both seem to be quite happy about it, evidenced by their smiling faces. Moreover, the artist has neatly displayed the size difference between the two Pokemon, as Bellibolt is almost three times the size of Paldean Wooper.

Furthermore, the user also shared a few pictures of the artwork while it was still a work in progress. The painting of Bellibolt and Paldean Wooper was positively received by the Pokemon community on Twitter, as it was retweeted more than a thousand times. One user suggested zucchini’s creation could be used as an official card for Bellibolt. Zucchini has made quite a reputation for themselves as they regularly share similar artworks of prominent Pokemon.

Zucchini is undoubtedly a great artist, but they’re not the only one in the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet community. Pokemon fans have come up with beautiful art of different pocket monsters for several years, with more recent ones focused on the new additions. Not long ago, a gamer created shiny versions of Bellibolt and Farigiraf, while a more innovative person made a Latte art of Bellibolt. It is pretty astonishing to see how many Bellibolt paintings have been made, given that it was revealed only a few days ago.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will release for the Nintendo Switch on November 18.

Source: Gamerant

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