Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Fan Makes Adorable Lechonk Sprite Animation

A Pokemon Scarlet and Violet fan shares an animation they made of the pocket monster that will be introduced in the series’ 9th generation.

A new trailer recently released for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet that introduced a few new pocket monsters. Fans learned the identities of the box legendaries from Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, along with a few other creatures that gamers will run into.

One of the recently announced Pokemon is Lechonk. The small pig pocket monster won the hearts of gamers when it was revealed, becoming a hit with fans of the series. It features a simple design that resonates with gamers who have not hesitated to show their love for the new Pokemon.


A Redditor going by the name Albhedos_workshop shared an animation that they made of Lechonk. The short clip features the Pokemon sleeping in grass, slowly breathing as it dozes. The animation has pixellated graphics similar to some of the older games in the series, making it a nice throwback while still showcasing the latest generation of Pokemon. Albhedos_workshop also worked a few small details into the clip, such as the grass rustling when Lechonk breathes. It is an adorable animation featuring the pocket monster and is great to watch for anyone who is looking forward to the upcoming Pokemon games.

The Lechonk animation is receiving a lot of positive feedback. Many find it to be cute, with a number of fans stating that they already love the new Pokemon. One commenter even says that they want to get back into the series just for the new pocket monster. It is mentioned that the pixellated style of Albhedos_workshop’s piece is missed and that Pokemon Scarlet and Violet would look good in that form. There are some who point out that the animation reminds them of the pig from Maplestory, with others saying Lechonk looks like their dog when it is sleeping. The pig may be a rather new addition to the world of Pokemon, but it has already won the hearts of a number of gamers.

Albhedos_workshop is not the only one creating animations of the next generation pocket monsters. A Redditor known as LoafyCrumble created a small clip featuring the three starters from Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Each pocket monster has its own movement according to the artist’s interpretation of their personalities. The animation also features a small text box at the bottom that is stylized very similarly to what would be seen in older Pokemon games, with the words “Choose wisely!” printed inside. LoafyCrumble’s work does a good job mixing aspects from the series’ classic days with the latest generation of Pokemon.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will release for the Nintendo Switch on November 18.

Source: Gamerant

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