Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Fan Art Shows What Bellibolt Looks Like With No Blobs

One of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s new Pokemon, Bellibolt, gets fan art that reimagines what it looks like without its blobs.

Bellibolt receives a new look after one Pokemon Scarlet and Violet fan edits its design to remove its blobs. Bellibolt was only officially revealed as one of the new Pokemon coming to the Gen 9 games several days ago. However, since its announcement, many gamers have been putting their own spin on the design of this new Electric-type Pokemon.

Categorized as an EleFrog Pokemon, Bellibolt has a design reminiscent of a frog, albeit with considerably shorter legs. As its name suggests, this pocket monster coming in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet features a giant belly button-like organ that allows it to create electricity. In addition to this electrified belly, the Pokemon comes with a pair of blobs on the sides of its head that look like eyes. Interestingly, these help discharge the electricity built up in its body.


While these fake eyes play a significant part in its design, one fan decided to see what the creature would look like with them removed. Over on Reddit, a user known as Godly15 shared a picture they recently edited using photoshop. According to the Reddit user, they had chosen an image featuring Bellibolt from Pokemon Scarlet and Violet and decided to remove the signature blobs on the sides of its head. While this photoshopped image only removed one part of the design, it dramatically changed the appearance of the Pokemon. With the blobs gone, the actual face of the Bellibolt became the main focus, giving it a much different look.

Since sharing this edited image of Bellibolt, Pokemon fans on Reddit have had much to say about the new look. In particular, one fan pointed out that the Pokemon looked less like a frog without the blobs on the sides of its head. “Its just a green blob now,” Godly15 jokingly responded. In addition, some gamers thought that the altered look of the Bellibolt made it look more like an Avocado than a frog. Beyond this, some wanted Godly15 to do the reverse and edit the design to remove the Pokemon’s actual face, leaving only the blobs.

The Pokemon community has been getting very creative with the unusual design of Bellibolt since it was revealed several days ago. In addition to this intriguing photoshopped picture from Godly15, excited gamers have created a variety of fan art based on the pocket monster, including shiny versions of its design and lattes featuring its unusual face. Furthermore, Bellibolt’s amusing and strange design could make it yet another Pokemon with a lot of meme potential. While there is no telling what artwork featuring the new Pokemon will show up next, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet launch in only a few more weeks, meaning gamers will get to see the real Pokemon in-game sooner than later.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet launch on November 18 for the Nintendo Switch.

Source: Gamerant

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