Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Clip Shows How Pointless the Game’s Roadblocks Are

A clip shared by a Pokemon Scarlet and Violet player proves just how easy it is to bypass the roadblocks seen throughout the Paldea region.

Any obstacles put in place to impede progress in an open-world environment are sure to be sources of annoyance for gamers everywhere, but one player of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet has shown other fans of the games that bypassing some of the roadblocks seen around the Paldea region is actually pretty easy. Unlike most of the previous games in the beloved franchise, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet drop the player into a truly open world which is free for them to explore, creating the foundation for a whole new type of Pokemon adventure.


The Paldea region, a brand-new region introduced in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, is a vast and colorful region full of many different environments. Based heavily on the real-world country of Spain, players are able to travel with their Pokemon over rolling green fields, harsh deserts, and rugged mountains, each of which offer their own ecosystems of wild Pokemon for players to encounter and catch. These many biomes are populated with over 100 new Pokemon that the latest generation of games have brought to the table, and players are now able to enjoy a journey with them that incorporates many of the open-world gameplay aspects first introduced with Pokemon Legends: Arceus.

Although players are generally free to choose their own path in the Paldea region and take on the many different challenges and gyms in whichever order they please, certain locations are blocked off by roadblocks until players progress further in the game and story. Although these roadblocks are in place for a reason, one fan known on Reddit by the username ZekromHyruda shared a clip on the site proving that getting around these barricades can be rather easy to do. The video included with the post shows the player riding atop Koraidon, one of the new Legendary Pokemon that also serves as players’ primary method of transport around Paldea, and simply jumping around the edge of the roadblock in one swift motion.

Funnily enough, bypassing these roadblocks when you’re seemingly not supposed to is something that the developers had accounted for, and doing so can even lead to unique dialogue from some of the Team Star characters. While it’s good that these roadblocks don’t actually obstruct players’ exploration in the open world, it has caused some fans to question why they’re even there in the first place.

For some players who are unaware that finding ways around these barriers is something of an encouraged strategy, it could be reasonable to assume that performing such skips is only possible by exploiting some kind of glitch. Unfortunately, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have been infamous for the bugs and glitches plaguing them since they launched. While most of the bugs encountered by players lead only to some moments that are equal parts hilarious and ridiculous, some other common glitches allow players and Pokemon to clip through the map bounds and get stuck.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are available for Nintendo Switch.

Source: Gamerant

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