Pokemon Masters EX Event Focuses on Team Galactic, Giratina, and Cynthia

The next Pokemon Masters EX Villain Event will focus on Sinnoh, complete with Cyrus, Team Galactic, and a new Sygna Suit version of Cynthia.

DeNA’s mobile spin-off, Pokemon Masters EX, has evolved and grown ever since its original release in August 2019. The game brings together several different characters across the franchise’s regions into this one game, including iconic Gym Leaders, Elite Four members, as well as Champions. Some of the events in the game have also been adding various villain factions to Pokemon Masters, with one of the recent events teasing the addition of villains from every single mainline entry.


With the recent Pokemon games going all-in on its villainous legacy, Pokemon Masters is doing much of the same through the “Villain Event” series, which started with the introduction of Giovanni and his Sync Pair Mewtwo. Several other villainous leaders are also present during this storyline, with sillouettes of other villainous team leaders like Archie, Maxie and Lusamine. The latest event coming to the series will be focused on Sinnoh’s villainous Team Galactic, which coincides with Game Freak’s focus on Sinnoh this year.

This event will begin on December 26, known as Villain Event Prelude: Galactic Nightmare, and will be used to set up a new chapter in Pokemon Masters EX that will also be focused on Sinnoh. The trailer shows Team Galactic arriving in the Pasio Region, complete with Cyrus, Mars, Saturn, and Jupiter making their debut. Cyrus’ goal from Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl is carried over in his appearance in this game, where he wishes to create his ideal world.

Trainers from Sinnoh such as Lucas and Dawn are also a part of this event, recounting the events of their adventure in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. The trailer, however, shows off a brand-new Sygna Suit version of Sinnoh’s Champion Cynthia, complete with a brand-new Giratina-inspired dress. To emphasize Cynthia’s central role in this event, the trailer ends on intimidating shot of Giratina rising from the ground, while set to an bombastic orchestral version of her theme.

Pokemon Masters EX players will be able to obtain Sygna Suit Cynthia (Renegade) and Giratina as a Master Sync Pair starting December 26 and will be running until February 27, 2022. They will also be first Sync Pair that will be able to utilize the zone field effect, thanks to Giratina’s Ghost Wish Move, which can change the field to a Ghost Zone that powers up Ghost-type attacks by 50% according to the official website.

Pokemon Masters EX is available now on Android and iOS devices.

Source: Pokemon Masters EX

Source: Gamerant

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