Pokemon Legends: Arceus References Old Kricketune Meme

As Pokemon Legends: Arceus breathes new life into what will become the Sinnoh region, it also gives a little nod to an old joke regarding Kricketune.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus is here, and it’s surprising fans with how it changes old features about the series to bring out something new while still giving the same experience the series is known for. For the loyal fans of the fourth generation of Pokemon, this latest title combined with Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl gives them plenty of Sinnoh, or Hisui, to enjoy. The love for the fan-favorite region doesn’t stop there, though, as a joke regarding Kricketune in Pokemon Legends: Arceus might bring nostalgia to some.


Kricketune is the evolved form of Kricketot, the Cricket Pokemon. Kricketot can be found and caught fairly early in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, with the creature evolving once at level 10. Kricketune in particular was very obviously designed to resemble a violin, which also reflects in its cry. Over the years, its cry has interested players for a few reasons.

In Pokemon Legends: Arceus, players can encounter an Alpha Kricketune as part of the quest Nature’s Pantry. Once fans encounter the bigger-than-average bug, the Kricketune will cry out, which will be written out as “de-le-le wooooooop.” While this seems like an average Pokemon cry written out, the nature of writing Kricketune’s cry in this way is actually a much older joke dating back eight years ago.

This specific way of writing out the Cricket Pokemon’s cry comes from a YouTube video made by SenorPacman, dated October 5, 2013. The video, “What if a Pokemon’s Cry was their Name,” sees the YouTuber talking about the series’ many creatures such as Mewtwo, sounding out their cries in place of their names. Kricketune in particular was the punchline of the video, leading to many people typing and quoting “de-le-le wooooop” in the same fashion.

While some fans have argued over the years that Nintendo’s localization team sometimes relies too much on fan-made jokes and references, this one could be considered relatively harmless in Legends: Arceus’ overall translation. All it simply does is change how a Pokemon’s cry is written out, and if some fans aren’t aware of the meme, that’s all it will be to them. However, for those who know of the video and the joke it’s created, it’s certain to give them a good laugh during their playthrough.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus is available now on Nintendo Switch.

Source: Gamerant

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