Pokemon Legends Arceus Players Are Having Difficulty Catching Cherrim

Some Pokemon Legends Arceus players are having difficulty catching Cherrim, a small Grass-type that appears to be immune to Ultra Balls.

It’s been about a week since Pokemon Legends: Arceus was released, and the game has been warmly received by critics and fans alike. However, this doesn’t mean that players haven’t encountered any issues with the game’s design and programming. Pokemon Legends: Arceus went out of its way to encourage players to capture as many Pokemon as possible, but many gamers are having difficulty catching Cherrim.

Cherrim is known as the Blossom Pokemon and it resembles a mixture between a cherry fruit and a cherry blossom. It’s small, pink, and very cute in both of its forms, which is changes depending on the weather. During normal weather conditions, Cherrim will appear in its Overcast form–a tightly furled purple bud–and change into the wide-open bloom of its Sunshine form in sunny weather.


While Cherrim on its own is normally a relatively straightforward Pokemon to catch, the process of transporting it to the Hisui region seems to have changed everything. In Pokemon Legends: Arceus, many players have found that Cherrim is harder to catch than an Alpha or Noble Pokemon. The issue appears to be that Cherrim, while not that tough in a fight, is incredibly challenging to keep in a Poke Ball after hitting it. The official Viz YouTube channel drew attention to this by sharing a video full of failed attempts to catch a single Cherrim.

One Twitter user stated that they and two other players spent three hours trying to catch a Cherrim, only to finally succeed when each tried the top part of the area. While targeting a specific area might or might not help when catching Cherrim, it is clear that something is up with this Grass-type’s catch rate. Since Cherrim is a rather difficult Pokemon to find and gamers need to catch Cherrim to complete the game’s PokeDex and the “To Bloom or Not to Bloom” quest, this is a real issue.

Apparently, the Japanese support page for Pokemon Legends: Arceus has acknowledged the Cherrim catch rate problem as a legitimate bug. It appears that if Cherrim changes form once, the glitch sets its catch rate to zero. This means that players may have much better luck catching Cherrim if they keep the creature in the shade. However, doing so may be easier said than done, especially since Cherrim is a rather small Pokemon that can be easily lost in the game world. This isn’t the only bug Pokemon Legends: Arceus players have encountered, but it’s certainly one of the most inconvenient.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus is available now exclusively for Nintendo Switch.

Source: Gamerant

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