Pokemon GO Reveals Plans for Next Season

Pokemon GO looks to embrace summer exploration and community in the latest seasonal event titled ‘Season of GO,’ which is coming soon.

The world of Pokemon GO is heading into its summer season. Niantic is hoping to invigorate the fan base into getting back outdoors in Pokemon GO and interacting with a variety of biomes in the hunt to catch them all. It has shaped a season-long event to incentivize seeing different places. Niantic has dubbed this summer season “Season of GO.” This new 3-month season will have events within each month, shaking up the rewards and Pokemon seen in the game.


The Season of GO will have biome-specific spawns in Pokemon GO beginning on June 1st. The biomes are split into: Cities (Normal, Poison), Forests (Grass), Mountains (Rock/Ground), and Beach and Water (Water). There will be increased spawn rates for at least 7 Pokemon in each Biome, the majority of which will have shiny variants. Dewpiter and Corphish in the Beach and Water Biome and Shroomish in the Forest will not have Shinies during the event. On top of that, there will be different seasonal Pokemon spawning in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres.

June 4th and 5th will be Pokemon GO Fest with official real-world meet-ups in Seattle, Berlin, and Sapporo, but fans unable to reach those places can buy the GO Fest ticket in the store shop for $14.99 to get unique Go Fest spawns, research tasks, and rewards. After GO Fest Weekend, Adventure Week will take the main stage and run from June 7th to June 12th. Events for July and August will be announced at a later date.

Community Days within the Season of GO were previously announced to take place on June 25th, July 17th, and August 13th, but the Pokemon for those days have not been revealed. Seasonal bonuses will include increased lure module duration, one additional Special Trade per day (for trading Legendaries and Shinies), damage bonuses when using Remote Raid Passes, Friendship Damage Bonus for raiding with friends, and many more.

It was briefly mentioned that the trainers will soon have access to XL Candy earlier than initially intended. The change will give the players Level 31 and up the ability to earn XL Candy that will be needed to power up their Pokemon past Level 40. This is the latest gameplay element that has seen some reworks in recent months after changes to Mega Pokemon and Mega Raids. The Season of GO will probably also have the continuation of the story that led to the release of Druddigon and the changing tactics of Team GO Rocket.

Pokemon GO is now available on Android and iOS devices.

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