Pokemon GO Reveals Day of the Dead Event Details

Pokemon GO once again honors Latin American cultures with the Dia de Muertos event. This two-day holiday is traditionally a day when Latin Americans celebrate family members that have passed. Pokemon in the game will have cultural costumes and trainers will be chasing a Collection Challenge for the two-day event.

Right on the heels of the two-part Halloween event in Pokemon GO, the game will feature another event with a new set of Pokemon to fit the theme of the event with a reward of extra candies for catching Pokemon. The event will also introduce a new style of Pokemon costume in a way that merges Pokemon GO costumes with Latin American culture.


Starting on November 1 at 10 AM local time, Duskull will begin spawning at increased rates in Pokemon GO. Duskull will be wearing a cempasúchil flower crown and can keep its crown when it evolves into Dusclops and Dusknoir. The cempasúchil is a flower native to Mexico and is used as the signature flower of Dia de Muertos as decoration for people of Mexican heritage and other Latin American cultures. This costumed Duskull can be shiny during the event, potentially making this a must-find for collectors in Pokemon GO due to the small event window. To aid these trainers, Lure modules and Incense will have increased durations, going from 30 minutes to 90 minutes. Daily Incense is excluded from the added time bonus.

Along with Duskull wearing cempasúchil crowns, Cubone, Sunkern, Chinchou, Roselia, Litwick, and Swirlix will spawn more in the wild with double catch candy rewards. Cubone, Sunkern, Sunflora, Chinchou, Roselia, Driftloon, Yamask, and Swirlix will spawn more often from Incense. Pokemon GO trainers in Latin America and the Caribbean will see increased numbers of these Pokemon spawning in their locations. On rare occasions, Houndoom and Duskull wearing a cempasúchil crown may spawn from Incense, and all of these Pokemon can be shiny in the game during the event. Dia de Muertos Masks for the Pokemon GO trainer avatars will also be available in the shop.

A Collection Challenge will be available during this event with the reward of an Alolan Marowak, a Poffin, and an Incense as the reward. Completing Field Research Tasks will reward Cubone, Roselia, Litwick, and on rare occasions, Houndoom and Duskull wearing a cempasúchil crown. 1-Star raids will have Duskull wearing a cempasúchil crown, while 3-Star raids will have Dragonite, Sabeleye, and Druddigon, with the possibility of the latter two being shiny. Origin Form Giratina will be in 5-Star Raids, and Mega Banette will continue to be the Mega Raid Pokemon.

Fans can look forward to this upcoming active period in Pokemon GO. Halloween and Dia de Muertos events roll into one another directly, with Dia de Muertos event ending November 2 at 8 PM local time. Then there will be Community Day Classic followed by Teddiursa Community Day on consecutive weekends which will lead into the remaining holidays in the year.

Pokemon GO is out now on Android and iOS devices.

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