Pokemon GO Players Aren’t Happy About Overpriced Veteran Box


  • Pokemon GO fans criticize the Veteran Box for its high price of 750 PokeCoins and lack of higher-tier berries, which can be easily earned in daily tasks.
  • Players question why the box is called “Veteran” when its contents are more useful for newer players trying to fill their Pokedexes.
  • Using weaker berries during a capture could result in wasted Pokeballs, making the expensive Veteran Box even less appealing to players.

Pokemon GO is offering a Veteran Box that sounds like it would be good opportunity, but fans aren’t happy about the contents of the box and its 750 PokeCoins price. Pokemon GO regularly releases bundles in its shop to give players a leg up in exchange for PokeCoins, which can be bought or earned in the game through a variety of tasks.

Some of these items often include berries, which can be used while trying to catch a Pokemon for certain advantages. Whether a player needs a Pokemon to stop moving around, they want an increased catch rate, or are hoping to earn extra candy, the game offers berries to cover all these needs as well as varying tiers with improved rates.

Unfortunately, none of those higher-tier berries are included in this particular Veteran Box. At 750 PokeCoins, the box only contains 50 Razz Berries, 50 Pinap Berries, and 50 Nanab Berries. These three types will offer the aforementioned bonuses, but are also the basic form. Fans have taken to the Pokemon GO subreddit to complain about the price and the contents, with several mentioning that they can earn these types of berries easily in daily tasks, like spinning the disc at a PokeStop or Gym, or opening a gift from a friend.

Several players pointed out that the price seems to be so outlandish that they half suspected a developer had added an extra 0 to the price. Others pointed out that they could acquire raid passes for less than 750 PokeCoins, and that raids can award better berries to the player, as well. The thing confusing players the most, it seems, is why this would be called a Veteran Box, as it seems to imply that it’s intended for long-time players, when the items would only be really useful for newer players who are still trying to fill out their basic Pokedex.

Pokemon GO’s Veteran Box Isn’t Good for Veterans

Like most Pokemon games, Pokemon GO offers methods of improving capture rates, ranging from specialized Pokeballs to berries. However, Pokemon GO players can only use one berry per throw, so if they’re up against a particularly tough Pokemon to catch, it’s important to use the best berry available for that purpose.

Berry Type

Berry Effect

Razz Berry

1.5x increased capture chance

Pinap Berry

Double Candy on capture

Nanab Berry

Stops Pokemon movement

Golden Razz Berry

2.5x increased capture chance

Silver Pinap Berry

1.8x increased capture chance and 2.3x Candy on capture

Using the weaker berries on a Pokeball throw could mean essentially wasting the Pokeball when there’s a better option available. If it were simply a matter of receiving these items for free or cheap from Niantic, fans would likely not care as much, as they could simply toss them or use them as a back-up plan. However, at $7 USD worth of in-game currency, it’s unlikely that many players will be jumping at the so-called opportunity. Unfortunately, some fans have openly expressed that this is the latest instance of Niantic seeming to be out of touch with the fanbase, further upsetting Pokemon GO players’ opinion of the game.

Pokémon GO

After a test run via an April Fools’ joke on Google Maps, Pokemon GO was released to the public in the summer of 2016. The AR mobile app saw unparalleled success and continues to be one of the largest mobile games in the world, pulling in billions for developer Niantic.

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July 6, 2016

Niantic, The Pokemon Company


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