Pokemon GO Petition to Save Remote Raiding is Blowing Up

The Pokemon GO community is currently petitioning against the remote raid changes proposed by Niantic, getting thousands of signatures. While some of the recent Pokemon GO changes bring a few improvements that make raids easier, they have been severely criticized for how they handled remote raiding.

Pokemon GO has been a huge hit since it was launched back in 2016, and during the pandemic, the game continued to thrive by allowing gamers to play from their homes via remote raids. However, it seems that the time of remote raids is coming to an end. Niantic recently announced several changes to how these raids work, greatly impacting the game. Changes include increasing the price of Remote Raid Passes as well as limiting the number of raids per day to five per player. This caused many Pokemon GO players to be very upset, despite Niantic’s statements that remote raiding ended up dominating the game in unforeseen ways, and that it was necessary for the long-term survival of the title.


Now, thousands of unhappy players are showing Niantic how displeased they are with the remote raid changes by boycotting Pokemon GO. A group of organized players has created an open letter to Niantic, showcasing their most important complaints. They also organized a petition, which is blowing up right now. At the time of this report, the open letter to Pokemon GO has over 56,000 signatures, and its numbers are still rapidly increasing.

The open letter to the Pokemon GO developers claims that Niantic’s decision impacts most of the players, as the remote raids have grown a lot since 2020, and players in rural communities or who do not have many friends to play with will be directly affected by the decision. The main argument behind the petition is that not everybody will be able to leave their house to play, citing immunosuppressed and disabled people who previously enjoyed the game and will be unable to play like it was in 2019 again. So, by increasing prices and limiting this option, Niantic would force thousands of players out of some of the title’s main features.

Some people are so mad about the changes that they decided to get rid of their accounts. Many Pokemon GO players are selling accounts on eBay right now. Prices vary, but some people are charging as much as $3,000 for accounts with over 700 shiny Pokemon, for example. Despite all these protests, Niantic has yet to publicly comment or go back on the proposed changes.

Pokemon GO is available on Android and iOS.

Source: Gamerant

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