Pokemon GO Field Research Breakthrough Reward for January 2022 Gives Players a Chance at Shiny Onix

Pokemon GO confirms its Field Research Breakthrough reward for January 2022, giving players the chance to catch a shiny Onix.

Pokemon GO gives players many different ways to catch Pokemon. Pokemon can be found out in the wild, fought in Raids, and even earned as a reward for completing Field Research tasks. If Pokemon GO players complete a week’s worth of Field Research tasks, they are treated to a Field Research Breakthrough reward that usually gives them a shot at catching one of the rarer Pokemon in the game.

The Pokemon GO Field Research Breakthrough reward for January 2022 is Onix, a rock-/ground-type Pokemon from the first generation of Pokemon games. Anyone that’s been playing Pokemon GO since launch likely already has an Onix, though they do have a chance of getting their hands on a shiny Onix through the Field Research Breakthrough. A shiny Onix is by no means guaranteed, but Pokemon GO players can improve their odds if they get as many Field Research breakthrough rewards in January 2022 as possible.


While Onix is featured as the Field Research Breakthrough reward in Pokemon GO for January 2022, the Pokemon is also available to get as a reward for completing a couple of the Field Research tasks. For example, Pokemon GO players can catch Onix if they complete the Field Research task to make three Great Throws in a row or if they complete the task for defeating three Team GO Rocket grunts.


Some Pokemon GO fans may be happy to see Onix as a Field Research Breakthrough reward, but others may be disappointed. There once was a time when Field Research Breakthrough rewards were legendary Pokemon, but they’ve been regular Pokemon for quite some time. Some fans may have been hoping that Niantic would get back to giving away legendary Pokemon through Field Research Breakthrough rewards, but it doesn’t seem as though that’s going to happen anytime soon.

Pokemon GO players in rural areas or who don’t have a group to play with especially appreciated legendary Pokemon being featured as Field Research Breakthrough rewards. Besides getting them from Field Research Breakthroughs, the only other way players can really get those Pokemon is through legendary raids, which are simply impossible for many Pokemon GO players to do for a variety of reasons.

Bringing legendary Pokemon back to Pokemon GO Field Research Breakthrough rewards would also help players stuck on certain Special Research tasks. There’s a large community of Pokemon GO players who are stuck on the task to take a snapshot of Landorus, for example, so it would likely be well-received if the Pokemon was featured as a Field Research Breakthrough reward.

Pokemon GO is out now for iOS and Android mobile devices.

Source: Gamerant

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