Pokemon GO Ends Support for Android 6 Devices

Pokemon GO is now ending support for Android devices running Android 6 software with the release of a new update for the game.

Generations come and go, especially with mobile devices, and the software that runs them. Pokemon GO the mobile Pokemon game is now ending support for any Android devices still running Android 6, following a new game update.

Pokemon GO has been a long-standing game in the franchise, beginning in 2016 with its release. The mobile game is one of the closest things fans have to catch their own Pokemon in real-life. Many updates have been made and there have been new Pokemon added that can be found and caught using the app.


With the newest update to Pokemon GO being released, version 241, the game will no longer be supported on phones still using the Android 6 operating system. Players will need to update to Android 7 in order to keep playing the game. The reason for this change is that Niantic wants to streamline the process needed for new updates for “newer operating systems and technologies.” Niantic has also shared a guide on how users can update their devices to the operating system.

This update not supporting Android 6 was bound to come at some point, with Pokemon GO ending support for some Apple and Android devices back in 2020. Times change, and technology changes with it, which means better things to come in newer versions of the game on newer mobile software. Pokemon GO has come a long way since its humble beginnings and newer technologies could pave the way to more features.

This is a good move for Niantic since it will be able to bring newer things to the game, but it’s also most likely disappointing and frustrating for those players who might not have access to newer devices or Android 7 software. The game has been a place for players to find friends and even get updates on those who might have been missing from Pokemon GO for a period of time. The update and lack of support for Android 6 going forward might impact those fans if they are unable to accommodate themselves.

Pokemon GO is always going through changes and ending support on some devices is unfortunately a casualty of that. This change will only bring more new and exciting things to the game, maybe even regional variants of some Pokemon exclusive to Pokemon GO. Fans are still around and going strong, giving the game more room to grow and flourish in the mobile gaming world.

Pokemon GO is available for iOS and Android devices.

Source: Niantic, Siliconera

Source: Gamerant

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