Pokemon GO Developer Niantic Working on Brand-New Game

A new job listing from Niantic reveals the company is hiring for its next game project, while also providing clues as to what the game will entail.

For many gamers, the first thing that comes to mind when bringing up developer Niantic is likely Pokemon GO, the AR mobile game juggernaut. However, the company has a long history of game development and working with AR, and it looks like it’s planning something new.

Niantic made its first real waves with Ingress, an augmented reality mobile game that would see its roots utilized to bring Pokemon GO to life. While Pokemon GO is still going strong, the company has also been working on other games since, like Pikmin Bloom, which launched just last year.


With multiple active games under its belt, Niantic isn’t showing signs of stopping anytime soon, as the developer is now actively seeking talent to produce its next game. In a recent job listing, Niantic reveals that it’s specifically seeking a Senior Systems Designer to ‘help craft the gameplay systems of a brand-new game’ in its London-based studio. The job listing doesn’t reveal much about what the game might be, but there are some clues scattered through the posting.

Niantic is specifically looking for developers with interest or experience with AR games and geo-location functionality, indicating that the next game it produces will likely follow the same general guidelines as its prior big titles. The listing specifically notes that the company produces games that emphasize real-world exploration and socializing, so the game likely won’t fall outside of its usual wheelhouse. The job requirements also include having spent time designing and optimizing digital mobile games, working with Unity, and specific experience with free-to-play game models. While the subject of the game is unknown, it sounds like it’ll feature many of the same mechanics as Pokemon GO, likely being a free-to-play mobile AR game with some kind of geo-location functionality.

While Niantic’s CEO has concerns about the metaverse, it’s clear that the gaming company is planning to continue with augmented reality. Overlaying a video game on top of the real world via a user’s phone has proven to be a popular game mechanic, allowing Niantic’s players to catch Pokemon, corral Pikmin, and find legendary beasts from the Wizarding World.

Not every game that Niantic has created with this formula has been a success, as despite the early hype surrounding the title, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite was shut down less than three years after its launch. Still, as the developer behind one of the biggest gaming sensations of the 2010s, it may have a winner yet again with its next game.

Source: Gamerant

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