Pokemon GO Could Be Adding Ultra Beasts Soon

Niantic shares a short Pokemon GO video online which hints that Ultra Beasts may be coming to the mobile game sometime in the future.

Niantic’s mobile title Pokemon GO is bidding goodbye to its most recent series of events based on Gen 7’s Alola region. However, it seems that it is kicking off the farewell with a final set of activities for Pokemon GO’s Season of Alola. Just recently, the development team shared a short video on social media hinting that the Ultra Beasts introduced alongside Generation 7 Pokemon will be added into the mobile game.

Pokemon GO is religiously continuing its monthly and seasonal calendar of events, despite the community pointing out the controversial changes that the devs have been making to the game’s system. With its main gameplay being location-based, the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions affected the mobile title’s features so much that the development team had no choice but to make adjustments to accommodate players who had limited physical movement. Now that the world is opening up again, various features such as location tracking and Pokemon GO’s Incense item have been tweaked more towards their pre-pandemic status, much to the community’s displeasure.


In a post on the official Twitter account, the Pokemon GO team shared a short video that put the focus on Nihilego, a jellyfish-looking Ultra Beast Pokemon. Fans of Pokemon Sun and Moon will likely recall that Nihilego was first introduced in those games, as part of the 7th Generation of Pokemon. In the video, Nihilego seems to be floating around an inter-dimensional space, which makes sense since Ultra Beast Pokemon exist in a dimension outside of the Pokemon video games.

The short video also shows the player’s Pokemon trainer wearing new attire. This possibly means that the introduction of the Ultra Beasts will also bring about new themed outfits in the Pokemon GO shop. However, nothing in the footage shares when players can expect the new Pokemon to be implemented in the mobile game or if they will still be part of the festivities centered around Pokemon GO’s Season of Alola. No details were shared on whether more than one Ultra Beast Pokemon will make an appearance, or if they can be encountered in the wild or captured only via Pokemon GO raids.

Pokemon GO players will have to stay tuned to the game’s official channels to get the exact details about Nihilego and the Ultra Beast Pokemon. With the Season of Alola ending on June 1, hopefully Niantic will give its community members a lot more information about the new Pokemon, rather than just sharing teaser videos online.

Pokemon GO is now available for Android and iOS devices.

Source: Gamerant

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