Pokemon GO Community Praises Niantic Over Noibat Community Day

Many Pokemon GO players seem thrilled with the newly announced Noibat Community Day, even as Niantic has yet to address some of their complaints.

A vocal portion of the Pokemon GO community has taken online to praise Niantic for the studio’s recent announcement of the Noibat Community Day. This influx of positivity arrives amid the Pokemon GO Twinkling Fantasy event that’s scheduled to conclude next Monday, January 16.

Noibat was originally added to Pokemon GO as part of the Kalos Celebration event that took place in late 2020. Its shiny form was introduced two years later, albeit many players were still in the process of evolving their regular Noibats at that point. Namely, Noibat is still one of the most expensive Pokemon to evolve with Candies across all of Pokemon GO, as it requires 400 Candies to transform into Noivern. Since it’s a rare spawn and a single Candy requires walking it for five kilometers (3.1 miles), the process of obtaining even a single Noivern—let alone one with good stats—has been an arduous affair ever since Noibat debuted in the popular AR game.


That state of affairs is why a significant portion of the game’s player base now appears to be thrilled with the announcement of the Pokemon GO Noibat Community Day which is scheduled to take place in early February. A post labeling the event as “another Niantic win for 2023” went viral on Reddit earlier this week, with its author proclaiming that maybe the developers are finally “listening” to the community this time around. Not everyone shared that sentiment, however, with one player stating they’ll only “consider them listening if they increase the community day hours back to six hours for anybody too busy on Saturdays.”

The Pokemon GO community has been calling for Niantic to prolong Community Day events for months now, but the developer has yet to give any indication that it’s considering such a move. That said, the game is currently doing a good job at keeping its players busy with a steady influx of new content and was off to a strong start of the year even before the Noibat Community Day announcement. The ongoing Twinkling Fantasy promo is hence its third event of the year, with another three being scheduled to take place throughout the second half of January. That’s without even accounting for five Spotlight Hours and four exclusive raids that are all taking place this month.

Noibat’s evolution, Noivern, should prove to be a fairly capable addition to most Pokemon GO players’ Great League teams. A Dragon/Flying dual-type Pokemon with a high attack stat is a good alternative to Altaria at this level of competitive play, especially since Noivern can also learn a fairly wide array of moves outside its typing pool. Between the Dark-infused Bite, Psychic, and Fire-based Heat Wave, Noivern can easily surprise opponents and even take out many of its counters, if used correctly.

Pokemon GO is available now on Android and iOS.

Source: Gamerant

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