Pokemon GO Announces Legendary Debut, But There’s a Catch

Niantic has finally announced the date for the long-awaited debut of Regieleki in Pokemon GO, but one key detail about the legendary Pokemon’s debut is upsetting players. Pokemon GO continues to expand its list of creatures available to capture, giving players the chance to become real-life Pokemon trainers.

In Season 10 players saw Regidrago debut in Pokemon GO, bringing another legendary Pokemon to Niantic’s game. Regidrago is the Dragon-type member of the Legendary Titans, the group of Pokemon created by Regigigas also known as Regis. For a limited time, Pokemon GO players had the chance to battle and capture Regidrago to have a powerful reinforcement in their teams. Now Pokemon GO will welcome another member of the Regi family, but one detail about its arrival didn’t get players too excited.


It was revealed when Regieleki will debut in Pokemon GO after the legendary was announced along with Regidrago during the Pokemon Day 2023 celebration. The Electric-type Pokemon will be available in Elite Raids, the most challenging Raid type in Pokemon GO, but there’s a catch. Raids will be available on April 9 at 11:00 a.m., 2:00 p.m., and 5:00 p.m. local time. The choice of day and time for the event made Pokemon GO players quite upset, criticizing Niantic for scheduling the event for Easter. Players who participate, however, will also have access to Exclusive Timed Research upon completing the Raid and will receive Regirock Candy, Regice Candy, and Registeel Candy as rewards.

Pokemon GO has been in the news recently not only for the timing of Regieleki’s debut. The change in Remote Raids announced by Niantic has generated a wave of dissatisfaction from Pokemon GO players, who have used social media to express frustration at the developer’s decision. As a result, Pokemon GO players have decided to boycott the game, and are even signing a petition to try to save the Remote Raids. Other players have gone further, and decided to sell their Pokemon GO accounts on eBay because of dissatisfaction with the change.

The criticism from Pokemon GO players about the timing of Regieleki’s debut is understandable, as the expectation is that on Easter Day players will be reunited with their families. Niantic has not revealed whether it will move the event to a new date, so players will have to prepare to participate in the best way possible. After all, Regieleki’s Elite Raids will happen for a limited time and will give players the chance to capture one of the best Electric-type Pokemon in the franchise.

Pokemon GO is available on Android and iOS.

Source: Gamerant

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