Pokemon GO Adds Powered-Up PokeStops, AR Scanning Feature

Niantic is adding the new Powered-Up PokeStop feature to Pokemon GO by taking advantage of the smartphone’s AR scanning features.

Five years after its original launch, Pokemon GO is still going strong as a blockbuster mobile game title. One of the secrets of Pokemon GO‘s success is its steady stream of new events and willingness to add new features, which combine to keep the relatively simple gameplay from feeling too dull or repetitive. Now, Niantic is adding a new Powered-Up PokeStop feature that takes advantage of AR scanning technology.

PokeStops are real-life locations that give players Poke Balls, berries, and other rewards when approached and activated. Although the feature has been tweaked over the years, it remains a fundamental part of Pokemon GO‘s gameplay. The new Powered-Up PokeStop feature appears set to make PokeStops even more important while changing the way players interact with them.


The new feature will allow players to power up PokeStops by finding them in real life. This is similar to the way PokeStops are usually activated, but instead of just pressing on the PokeStop icon and moving on, the Powered-Up PokeStop feature allows players at level 20 or above to enhance the rewards of a PokeStop. In other words, by completing an AR scan of the real-life location the PokeStop is attached to, players will be given a chance to enhance the rewards the PokeStop gives out.

pokemon go pokestop feature

In the event that anyone is confused, Niantic has shared an explanation for how players can complete an AR scan of a PokeStop. The first step is to tap “Scan PokeStop.” Next, players will be prompted to opt-in to the feature if this is their first time using it. After that, players are to tap the record button on their smartphone to begin scanning and slowly walk around the object the PokeStop is attached to if possible. They must keep the object in frame the entire time. Finally, players will tap either Upload Now or Upload Later to complete the scan and power up the PokeStop.

Not only will Powered-Up PokeStops look different on the map, any player who spins one will earn extra rewards, not just the players who helped power it up. There are three levels of Powered-Up PokeStop, all of which require a certain number of players to complete an AR scan of the PokeStop in question. Level One requires five players to scan a PokeStop, Level Two requires 10 scans, and Level Three requires 25 scans. The higher level a PokeStop is powered up to, the longer the effects will last.

Pokemon GO is available on Android and iOS devices.

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