Pokemon Fans Aren’t Happy About Van Gogh Pikachu Card Scalpers


  • Scalpers using bots have made it difficult for Pokemon fans to get their hands on valuable collector’s items like the Van Gogh Pikachu promo cards.
  • The Pikachu with Grey Felt Hat cards sold out quickly, with a scalper managing to obtain at least 19 copies while fans struggled to purchase even one.
  • Many fans are unhappy and have experienced canceled orders or mistakenly being flagged as bots, prompting complaints to the Pokemon Center store.

One scalper is selling their collection of Van Gogh Pikachu promo cards, and Pokemon fans aren’t happy to see just how many copies this one person was able to obtain. Scalpers seem to infiltrate just about every collectible and high-demand consumer market these days, and Pokemon merchandise is certainly no exception. These scalpers often use lightning-fast bots to clean out suppliers, making it rather difficult for fans to get their hands on valuable collector’s items like these.

The collaboration between the Van Gogh Museum and the Pokemon franchise has been quite the roller coaster ride thus far. The initial wave of promotional cards, referred to as “Pikachu with Grey Felt Hat,” sold out within minutes. The Pokemon Company then issued an apology and promised to offer more ways for fans to obtain the rare card. This wave lasted roughly an hour, and the museum eventually pulled the Pikachu Van Gogh Pokemon card altogether, citing visitor and employee safety after a video surfaced of customers aggressively pushing one another to try and purchase the item in-store. While most fans failed to get their hands on the promo card, at least one scalper had better luck.

Reddit user Joe_df shared an image from an apparent scalper listing Pikachu with Grey Felt Hat cards for $170. What’s most striking is just how many copies the seller was able to obtain. In the photo alone, it looks as though they were able to purchase at least 19 cards. This obviously stands in stark contrast to the countless fans who weren’t able to purchase even one. Again, the item sold so quickly that even The Pokemon Company felt the need to apologize after the mishandled crossover event.

Unsurprisingly, fans aren’t too happy about the unfortunate situation. Many have reportedly had their orders canceled or were even incorrectly flagged as bots in the ordering process. Some have sent their complaints directly to the Pokemon Center store and are waiting for a response.

For those in or visiting Amsterdam in the coming months, the Pokemon display at the Van Gogh Museum will remain into 2024; however, the Pikachu with Grey Felt Hat cards will no longer be available to purchase. All other Pokemon-related merchandise will continue to be sold both in-store and online until supplies run out.

Pokemon fans are no strangers to situations like these. Scalpers have notoriously hoarded McDonald’s Pokemon cards in the past, and the recent surge in the trading card game over the years has only made things worse.

Source: Gamerant

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