Pokemon Fan Wins Contest With Volcarona Costume


  • A young Pokemon fan dressed up as Volcarona and won a costume contest, impressing other fans with their dedication and attention to detail.
  • Volcarona, known as the Sun Pokemon, is a powerful creature in the Pokemon series with unique attacks and abilities.
  • The young fan used materials from Walmart to create their Volcarona costume, and they plan to make future costumes based on other legendary Pokemon.

In the spirit of Halloween, a young Pokemon fan dressed up as their favorite Pokemon, the fiery Volcarona, and won a costume contest as a result of their efforts. Their family shared a picture of the young Pokemon trainer’s costume on social media, and other fans congratulated them on their winning design and complimented them for the efforts put into the project.

Known as the Sun Pokemon, Volcarona debuted in Pokemon Black and White as the evolved form of Larvesta. As a Fire and Bug dual-type Pokemon, Volcarona is a formidable and powerful pseudo-legendary creature, with attacks such as Fiery Dance, Struggle Bug, and Air Slash at its disposal. Both the Paradox Pokemon Slither Wing and Iron Moth take inspiration from Volcarona in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, as both of those beasts are respectively considered as the past and future variations of the Sun Pokemon. Though Volcarona remained a popular Pokemon throughout the years, one young fan took their dedication to the next level.

On Reddit, a user named Kitchen-Charge-7060 showed off a picture of their son dressed up as Volcarona. While the Pokemon fan’s name and age were not revealed, the OP said their son won a local Halloween costume contest as Volcarona. While the Pokemon series is among the top video games to get Halloween costume ideas from, the young gamer chose a Pokemon that not many trainers would think of. With the OP’s help, the boy’s costume came to life, as he used a hoodie, some felt, wire, and other materials in the outfit. For Volcarona’s abdomen, the boy attached some materials to the front side of the hoodie and wore some dark-colored pants to make the rest of the design stand out. The felt wings were attached to the back of the hoodie, and thin materials were used to form Volcarona’s head, which the boy wore like a helmet.

To complete the look, the boy wore a pair of shoes with all three of the Kanto starter Pokemon. The OP then added that all the materials used for their son’s costume were purchased at Walmart and that they were proud of him for his dedication and effort. The feeling was mutual on r/pokemon, as other Pokemon fans congratulated the Volcarona fan for a job well done.

The OP then stated that their son was not done making costumes, as they said the legendary Pokemon Giratina would be the focus of a future design. Only time will tell how the young Pokemon trainer’s next project will turn out.

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

Pokemon Scarlet & Pokemon Violet are the main entries in the series for Generation IX. They introduced over 100 new Pokemon and brought players to the Paldea region.



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