Pokemon Fan Shows Off Incredible Gold Mewtwo Statue

While Pokemon continues to move forward and release more games, one artist decides to pay homage to Mewtwo with an amazing statue.

With Pokemon Legends: Arceus breaking Switch sales records and Pokemon Scarlet and Violet being revealed, 2022 has already been an incredible year for Pokemon. Fans have a ton to look forward to as well, as the leaks and reveals for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have only just begun.

Continuing the idea that 2022 could be Pokemon‘s best year ever are fans who have been busy at work creating art pieces for the games. This has varied from drawings, to portraits, to even highly detailed sculptures either of Pokemon or specific characters in the games, leading to amazing works of art dedicated to the franchise.


One of these pieces depicted what one fan imagined the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet starter trio’s final evolutions could look like, offering a detailed depiction of three incredibly unique Pokemon. However, while tons of fans are looking towards Pokemon Legends: Arceus and upcoming generation 9 for art inspiration, one fan decided to journey into the past for their idea.

The fan, Reddit user Yato-, created an extremely accurate statue of Mewtwo, one of generation 1’s most notable legendary Pokemon as well as one of the most iconic Pokemon in the franchise. As opposed to the Pokemon sculptures made of random items, Yato-‘s statue was created using prototype grade UV dental resin (used in dentistry for cavity repair) and a 3D resin printer. Yato- also noted it took a ton of time just to print the statue without accounting for the time required to paint it the striking metal-gold color it sports.

Reddit users were left awestruck by the statue and its incredible detail. Many users asked how Yato- created the statues, to which they answered they used the resin and 3D printer. Other users asked if Yato- would be willing to create a sculpture for them to sell, to which Yato- let everyone know it’s their full-time job and they would be happy to do so. Many other users simply commented to congratulate Yato- or express their awe at the amazing sculpture.

With Pokemon Legends: Arceus still going strong and Pokemon Scarlet and Violet announced, the future is bright for both fans and the franchise itself. Meanwhile, artists are keeping the series alive in their own way, immortalizing Pokemon through their artwork and impressing other fans in the process.

Source: Gamerant

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