Pokemon Fan Shows Off Incredible Card Frame

One fan of the Pokemon Trading Card Game shows off their incredible Generation 1 trading card collection in a custom-made frame.

The Pokemon Trading Card Game has given fans of the Pokemon franchise myriads of cards to collect. This section of the Pokemon franchise started off with the original 151 Pokemon, and over the decades, these designs have become iconic to the fanbase. To honor those original Pokemon, one fan combined the early Pokemon TCG designs in one impressive frame.

The Pokemon TCG is a tabletop game that asks players to collect, trade, and play with Pokemon-themed cards. This popular aspect of the Pokemon franchise has reached over 30 billion cards produced worldwide as of 2022. The first generation of the Pokemon franchise includes 151 Pokemon and was released in the late 1990s.


This impressive creation comes from Redditor UnluckyForSome, and it is a sight to behold for any Pokemon TCG fan. Within an extra-long picture frame are 152 trading cards all from the franchise’s first generation. From Bulbasaur all the way to Mew, this collector shows off every single Pokemon from this generation in seven rows of 23 cards each. In place of 9 cards in the middle, UnluckyForSome put an enormous Pokemon card with its back facing out. The custom frame holds some of the most iconic Pokemon cards ever created, and the creator made sure to include as many holographic versions of these cards as possible. UnluckyForSome used the memorable Ancient Mew card to start this display and to get the total number of cards to an even 152.

This creator mentions that they are a bit of a perfectionist and that shows in this absolutely stunning collection. The custom frame fits these cards really well and the collection is proof of impressive dedication to one of the more memorable trading card games on the market. Those looking to recreate this look are going to need both a lot of time and a lot of resources when it comes to tracking down each of these cards.

There are a lot of interesting designs in this first generation of Pokemon and the hierarchy of choices UnluckyForSome made for their display works well. They made sure to add in holographic cards where possible and keep the base set design of the Pokemon instead of using the Jungle or Fossil versions. While all these series are over two decades old, the base set has a number of designs that deserve to take the lead role in a display such as this.

Then again, there are plenty of great options in both the Jungle and Fossil series and some players will likely prefer those options for some of these Pokemon. On top of this, some of the more modern Pokemon cards have taken designs to extreme levels. Either way, this collection is one that would likely make any Pokemon fan jealous.

Source: Gamerant

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