Pokemon Fan Shows Off Impressive Gengar Rug

A Pokemon fan shares a handmade rug that they fashioned after one of the most popular Ghost type pocket creatures in the franchise, Gengar.

Though the Pokemon franchise has introduced hundreds of new pocket creatures to its community over the years, many fans are likely still attached to the first Pokemon they have met. Whether in-game or via the animated series, Gen 1 Kanto region Pokemon are remembered fondly and are often high in demand in every new Pokemon title release. One Pokemon aficionado shares their love for Gengar by recreating one of the first Ghost types in the franchise into a fluffy rug that fans can utilize at home.


There is no mistaking the popularity of Gengar within the Pokemon fanbase. A steady stream of official Gengar merchandise and products is released regularly by The Pokemon Company, while fans often showcase their favoritism of the Ghost Pokemon with a variety of creative fan art. This adoration is only fueled by The Pokemon Company making sure that Gengar makes consistent appearances throughout the Pokemon universe. This can be seen in its participation in different video game titles like Pokemon GO, Pokemon Unite, and even across animated series such as Pokemon Origins, Pokemon: Twilight Wings, and more.

On Reddit, user tufttheory shared a photo of the handmade Gengar rug that they produced. The two by two feet rug features Gengar’s signature red eyes and iconic grin, likely making it a conversation piece for anyone who will place the rug in their home. According to the artist’s separate Instagram post, they grew up watching the original Pokemon animated series, collected the Pokemon TCG cards, and even shared that Gen 1 Pokemon are “the best.”

On the Pokemon Reddit thread, many fellow fans complimented tufttheory’s work on the Gengar rug. Though it seems like the artist has not dropped a price yet on the Gengar rug, a comment on the Reddit thread mentioned a price, with fans stating how sad that a small item may cost so much. However, given the time and effort to accurately replicate the image of one of the most popular Ghost Pokemon, fans may find that the item will be worth every cent they spend.

Based in Toronto, Canada, tufttheory indicates in their Instagram channel that they are open to commissions. They also have an Etsy shop where they upload other rug items they have for sale. With the Pokemon community always on the lookout for themed products, tufttheory should consider making a Pokemon rug collection that caters to Pokemon fans’ favorites. Not only will they be able to practice their craft, but they may also be able to turn out a profit.

Source: Gamerant

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