Pokemon Fan Shows Off Impressive Eevee Fan Art

A fan of Pokemon shows off stitched artwork that features the pocket monster Eevee against a beautiful and colorful background.

Pokemon fans have been creating various arts and crafts celebrating the series for years. Fans have made pieces such as dolls and figures of their favorite Pokemon, showing off impressive works of art for others to enjoy.

One Pokemon that gamers seem to enjoy is Eevee, who has been the focus of its own game, Pokemon: Let’s Go, Eevee!, and has been the inspiration for many players when creating pocket monster based artwork. Pokemon Eevee and its evolutions have a place in the hearts of gamers, with many citing them to be their favorites of Game Freak’s many creations.


An artist going by the name Estoine uploaded a clip of her stitching together a piece of embroidery featuring an Eevee made out of a felt-like material. The short video shows her sewing the piece together and finishing with a beautiful image of Eevee.

Estoine’s artwork features the Pokemon Eevee surrounded by flowers and foliage. The white fur on Eevee’s neck and tail are made of a different material, which gives those parts of the Pokemon a cute and fluffy look. Estoine even stitched in a smirk and eyebrows on Eevee, adding a bit of character to the Pokemon to go along with its beautiful surroundings.

The embroidery work that Estoine did of Eevee is receiving a bit of love. Fans feel that the piece is cute and adorable, with one stating that they are in love with the work. A commenter noticed that Estoine made use of french knots when making the flowers that surround Eevee, and the artist stated that they used two different colors when making the knots. Another commenter asked how many leaves Estoine used, to which they replied, “Soo many leaves.” The work is beautiful, showing that Estoine has a lot of love and passion when it comes to the Pokemon series.

Estoine is not the only one creating crafts dedicated to Eevee. A Redditor going by the name of BetaWolfs showed off a papercraft that they made of Eevee, which was based off of an in-game model that helps give it an impressive look. The piece stands at about one foot tall, making it life-sized. According to BetaWolfs, the paper model took them around 20-30 hours due to the details that were put into it. For those who wish to make their own papercraft Eevee, BetaWolfs revealed that they used a template by another user named Sabi96. The template is shared openly, allowing everyone to create an Eevee of their own.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will release for Nintendo Switch in 2022.

Source: Gamerant

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