Pokemon Fan Shows Off Caterpie Tattoo

One tattoo enthusiast who also happens to be a Pokemon fan shows their appreciation for the franchise by getting a Caterpie tattoo.

Pokemon is one of the most successful franchises of all time, thanks to the widespread popularity of animated TV series, subsequent video games, and the other forms of media it can come in. The Pokemon games continue to arrive almost like clockwork, the latest being Pokemon Legends: Arceus. Like previous games from the franchise, Pokemon Legends: Arceus became an instant success, selling more than 6.5 million copies within the first week of its release.

Ever since beginnings of the Pokemon franchise, fans have found innovative ways to show their affection for the series, such as fan art. Moreover, as technology has advanced rapidly over the years, these fan-created art pieces are touching newer heights. Technologies like 3D printing allow users to design their favorite Pokemon with immaculate detailing and precision. Recently, a Pokemon admirer created a 3D shadowbox dedicated to Hisuian Growlithe.


Tattoos are another means through which people show their love for Pokemon. Famous pop star Ariana Grande got an Eevee tattoo after allegedly spending numerous hours on Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee on the Switch. Another tattoo enthusiast has stepped forward to flaunt their body-art dedicated to the bug Pokemon, Caterpie. Reddit user dietbongwater uploaded an image that shows their knee with a stunning Caterpie tattoo, to which the user jokingly remarks ‘Caterknee.’ Notably, the user’s tattoo is colored and captures minute details of the Pokemon to near perfection.

As it seems, dietbongwater is an avid tattoo enthusiast as this is not the first tattoo they have and their knee shows many other tattoos in addition to the Caterpie. Most of the Reddit community was awe-struck by the tattoo, as many of them commented this could possibly be the best Pokemon tattoo they’ve ever seen. Even though the internet has regularly seen some mind-blowing tattoos like the Game Boy Color Gengar tattoo, dietbongwater’s Caterpie surely gives others a run for their money.

Fort those who don’t know, Caterpie is an insect Pokemon based on a green caterpillar. It has a teardrop-shaped tail and yellow markings all over its body, while the bright red antenna at the end releases a powerful stench to ward off attackers. Caterpie can be easily captured and grows quickly, thanks to its tremendous daily appetite.

Many fans argue that bug-type is the worst possible type of Pokemon as they are regular fodder for flying-types. Nevertheless, some bug-type Pokemon in games like Pokemon Legends Arceus are worth noting, including Scyther, Yanmega, and Kleavor.

Source: Gamerant

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