Pokemon Fan Shares Entei Paradox Form

One talented Pokemon Scarlet and Violet artist has shared an image of Entei as a Paradox Pokemon. The Pokemon universe has always been a source of inspiration for fans who express their love and appreciation for the franchise through various forms of creative expression. Among these, the concept of Paradox Pokemon, originating from Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, has gained significant attention for its unique approach to reimagining beloved creatures.

Paradox Pokemon are the final antagonists in the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet games, originating from either the far past or the far future. They are found in Area Zero, a hidden location within the Great Crater at the center of the Paldea region. These creatures are divided into two categories: Ancient Pokemon, exclusive to Pokemon Scarlet, and Future Pokemon, exclusive to Pokemon Violet. Recently, a skilled artist shared captivating fan art, presenting Entei as a Paradox Pokemon.


Reddit user Indigotcg’s vision of Entei as a Paradox Pokemon showcases the creativity of the Pokemon fan community. The artist has reimagined the legendary fire-type Pokemon, giving it a unique twist that fits within the Paradox Pokemon concept. Indigotcg has breathed new life into the character by exploring alternate versions of existing Pokemon, sparking interest and excitement among fellow fans.

Interestingly, Indigotcg’s version of the Paradox Entei deviates from the original design of the Pokemon. The original Entei boasts a brown and red body, whereas the Paradox form features a grey body, with some areas darker than others. This creative interpretation adds a layer of intrigue to the Pokemon character, inviting fans to imagine the possible backstory and lore surrounding this alternate version of Entei.

The Entei Paradox form art shared by Indigotcg has garnered significant attention and praise from the Pokemon community. Indigotcg’s Entei Paradox Form serves as a testament to the impact the Pokemon series has had on its players and how the introduction of new concepts, such as Paradox Pokemon, can fuel creativity and enthusiasm within the community.

Reddit user Indigotcg has shared many other pocket monsters in Paradox form, including Marowak and Nidoking. Their Paradox form of Marowak received massive praise from the Pokemon community for its unique design and incredible detailing. Many other artists from the Pokemon community have come forward with intriguing artwork showing famous Pokemon like Vaporeon, Skitty, Swablu, and Gothitelle. As the franchise grows and gathers newer audiences, unique fan art like reimagined Paradox Pokemon will probably become a common theme.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are available now for the Nintendo Switch.

Source: Gamerant

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