Pokemon Fan Shares Curious Fact About Vaporeon

Pokemon games are plenty of strange facts from earlier Generations, and a fan shares something curious about Vaporeon in Pokemon Yellow.

Pokemon games have always had a number of obscure features and facts about the Pokemon themselves or how some mechanics within each title work. This is especially true for the first few Pokemon generations, which were less streamlined in terms of development and quality of life features. Pokemon Red and Blue are the prime examples of this logic, considering they were the very first global releases for the Pokemon series, and that they came out all the way back in 1998.


During the opening of Pokemon Red and Blue, players could see Professor Oak’s Nidorino fight another Pokemon, and once the Pokemon let out its cry, the sound of Nidorina was played instead. Another weird fact is that Pokemon Yellow‘s Pokedex entry for Slowbro stated that the Pokemon could actually devolve into Slowpoke if the Shellder biting its tail were to fall off somehow, which led some to believe that they could evolve Slowpoke into Slowbro by having a Shellder in their team.

In this case, a Reddit user by the name of Mx_Toniy_4869 shared a curious fact about Vaporeon, which is that the Water-type Eeveelution could learn both Haze and Mist at level 42 in Pokemon Yellow. What’s strange is that the Pokemon couldn’t naturally learn both when leveling up regularly, as the game was not programmed to allow that to happen, but players eventually found out that they could make Vaporeon learn Mist by letting it level up at the Pokemon Daycare. The Pokemon Daycare had different criteria for Pokemon’s moves, and the main trick consisted in carefully selecting the order of any critter’s learned moves, as the first ones would go first.

In fact, some Trainers used the Pokemon Daycare in Generation 2 and onward to make their creatures forget HM moves, which couldn’t be unlearned normally by just allowing the Pokemon to forget them with the use of a TM. Another curious fact is that the Pokemon Daycare from Pokemon Red and Blue is also the first and only not to feature breeding and Pokemon Eggs as a whole.

The first Generation of Pokemon games was arguably one of the most memorable, even if only for the fact that it is the beginning of the Pokemon era. Recently, a fan remade Pokemon Red and Blue as 3D games, and that goes to show how impactful the first entries in the series were and still are to this day.

Pokemon Red and Blue are available for Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance.

Source: Gamerant

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