Pokemon Fan Redesigns Dragonite to Look More Like Dratini and Dragonair

One talented artist decides to make artwork featuring the final form of Dratini, known as Dragonite, giving the Gen 1 Pokemon a new look.

There are quite a few Dragon-type pocket monsters in the Pokemon series. With creatures such as Rayquaza and Garchomp, just to name a few, there is no shortage of popular Pokemon from this type. Recently, one fan brought some attention to another Dragon-type Pokemon, Dratini, and its evolutions.

The Dratini evolution line is an interesting one from a design perspective. Dratini and Dragonair both share similar visual elements. However, the final evolution of this Pokemon, known as Dragonite, looks quite different from the other Pokemon in its line. For example, it has an orange coloration compared to the blue shades seen in Dratini and Dragonair. While many nostalgic fans love Dragonite just the way it is, one fan decided to change up the appearance of the Dragon/Flying-type Pokemon.


Taking to Reddit, a user known as SenZypher shared a picture they had created based on the Pokemon series. Specifically, they decided to do their own twist on the evolution line of Dratini. The artist included preexisting designs of Dratini and Dragonair in the image. However, they had decided to make a new look for Dragonite that they believed was more in line with the visual style of this specific evolution line of Pokemon.

As seen in the picture shared by SenZypher, the new Dragonite design altered the appearance of the pocket monster in several ways. For instance, the color had changed to a shade of blue to be more in line with the coloration of the other pocket monsters in the evolution line. In addition, the look of Dragonite had been changed to make it look slender compared to its previous chubby appearance. Some other noticeable differences included a longer tail, a gem-like object on its forehead, and a larger spike on top of its head.

Since posting this artwork of Dragonite to Reddit, it has caught the attention of a number of Pokemon gamers. In only a few hours, the post has accumulated over 1,500 upvotes, and fans have had a lot to say about the design of the pocket monster. Among the comments, some noted that the new final evolution reminded them of Mewtwo. While many fans appreciated the new look designed by SenZephyr, they said they still enjoyed the appearance of the original Dragonite as well.

While it is unlikely that this fan-made concept for Dragonite will ever make its way into an official Pokemon game, it is still interesting to see what types of unique creations fans of the series are inspired to create. In addition to this artwork featuring a new look for Dragonite, other gamers have recently made fan art featuring the Dratini evolution line. For example, one user recently made a cute animation that showed Dratini swaying from side to side. Time will tell what creations featuring these Dragon-type Pokemon appear on the internet next.

Source: Gamerant

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