Pokemon Fan Recreates Original Pokedex From Multiple Regions

Pokemon is a large franchise with an even larger fanbase that enjoys crafting all kinds of different types of creations inspired by the series in one form or another. Whether it’s creating fan art of Pokemon, the main characters like Ash Ketchum and members of Team Rocket, or even the various tools and items used in the games, there’s no shortage of artwork made by talented gamers.

One of the most famous tools used throughout the Pokemon franchise is the Pokedex, which serves as a database on all Pokemon. Players use the Pokedex to look up information on any particular type of Pokemon they encounter along their journeys. They can see the different Pokemon types, learn the backstory on some of them, and see their strengths and weaknesses. One gamer recently decided to make a fan video focused on the Pokedex models themselves.


The Reddit user CasualThought made a short, animated video showing off the different types of Pokedex that are used in the first six regions. The animation shows off different Pokedex models from the first Pokedex from the Kanto region that plenty of fans are familiar with all the way to the Kalos region Pokedex. However, the animation doesn’t include all the Pokedex models, such as the Gen 7 and 8 Pokedex.

The video is not long, but it’s well-made and shows off the various Pokedex models from the Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova, and Kalos regions. The animation shows each Pokedex in great detail, and by the halfway point, it has each Pokedex open up with LED lighting displays that each Pokedex is supposed to have. The video even has the Pokedex models briefly reveal a particular pokemon from their respective region.

The displays for each Pokedex also list the specific Pokemon games that they each originate from. The Kanto Pokedex lists off Pokemon Red, Green, and Yellow, while the Johto Pokedex shows Pokemon Gold, Silver, and Crystal. In addition, the Hoenn Pokedex shows Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald, and the Sinnoh Pokedex lists Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum. The Unova Pokedex has Pokemon Black, White, and finally, the Kalos Pokedex lists Pokemon X and Y.

The reception to the video has been generally positive, with many commenters praising the video’s efforts in recreating the different Pokedex models. Plenty of users complimented the Pokedex displays, lighting, and overall quality detail made to the different models. Of course, plenty of users discussed their favorite Pokedex versions from the specific regions while showing their appreciation for the games and the user for making the animation. CasualThought does state that they might recreate the Pokedex models from the Gen 7 and Gen 8 Pokemon games on a later occasion.

Source: Gamerant

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