Pokemon Fan Recreates Cyndaquil as Electric-Type

A passionate Pokemon artist creates a creative take on Cyndaquil, turning it into an electric-type version of the Johto fire starter.

A Pokemon’s type is a defining aspect of its design. Every pocket monster introduced since the first Generation of Pokemon has a typing which informs how Game Freak goes about designing them. From the flame lit tail of Charizard to the leafy tree of Torterra, a Pokemon’s type plays a pivotal role in how they’re crafted for the Pokemon games.

Bearing this in mind, one would assume that altering a one or both of a Pokemon’s types will change several aspects of its design. This is where the limitless potential of fan art comes in. Some of these artists have taken on the task of redesigning classic Pokemon with a new typing twist. A Vulpix with the poison-type or a ground-type Gyarados are simply some of the creative concepts produced by Pokemon fans.


A user on Reddit by the name of GeekySAgirl created an electric type concept for the Johto starter Cyndaquil. Normally a fire-type Pokemon, Cyndaquil sports a blue top with a pale yellow under-belly. GeekySAgirl’s electric rendition of the mouse Pokemon changes the blue into a golden-yellow while turning the underside into a paper white shade with black rings around the feet.

The most notable feature of Cyndaquil, its roaring back-flame, has been entirely changed by GeekySAgirl to appear as prongs on an electric plug. Being a starter Pokemon, this isn’t first piece of fan art created for Cyndaquil with one artist decorating a skateboard with the fire-mouse Pokemon.

One reason why this type of fan art may have become so popular is the same reason that fans adore regional variants. The act of breathing new life into a Pokemon’s design by changing its type allows the creativity of the Pokemon fan base to flourish. This can be observed in regional forms as this has become a beloved feature in current Pokemon games to the point that fans construct lists of the Pokemon that deserve to receive a regional form.

With the release of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet coming soon, fans wait to see what new regional forms will be introduced in the latest games. With the confirmation of the new Wooper form in the latest trailer, fans have even more hope to see the feature continue to appear in future Pokemon games as audiences wait to see what new Pokemon Game Freak has in store. Only time will tell what new regional forms will join Wooper.

Source: Gamerant

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