Pokemon Fan Points Out Weird Attack Discrepancy Between Archen and Kommo-o

A Pokemon fan points out that Archen is a base form pocket monster with a higher attack stat than the fully evolved pseudo-legendary Kommo-o.

As the Pokemon series continued and more pocket monsters were introduced, gamers saw that some of Game Freak’s creatures had impressive stats. From Blissey’s high Health to Shuckle’s impressive Defense, there have been a number of Pokemon with incredible stats.

Sometimes these stats can be surprising, as base form Pokemon can have higher stats than those that are fully evolved. One gamer has discovered such a discrepancy, pointing out that a base form pocket monster has higher Attack than a fully evolved Pokemon.


A Redditor by the name SmallMoon1910 brought up the fact that Archen has a higher attack stat than Kommo-o. Archen is a Rock/Flying-Type and is the base form of Archeops, while Kommo-o is a Dragon/Fighting-Type and is a fully evolved pseudo-legendary. SmallMoon1910 pointed out the fact that Archen has an Attack stat of 112, while Kommo-o’s Attack clocks in at 110. This means that the smaller Pokemon hits harder.

While Archen does have higher Attack than Kommo-o, there are a few things to consider. Kommo-o has much more balanced stats with much more defensive power than Archen. Archen also suffers from a major problem in its ability, Defeatist, which reduces Attack by half when the Pokemon reaches 50% or lower health. While Archen does have a better Attack stat than Kommo-o initially, these factors help to create a balance within the Pokemon games.

Some who commented on SmallMoon1910’s post joke that Archen is not just any bird Pokemon, but a prehistoric one. One commenter posted that Archen is not just a bird, but the mother and father of all birds. Some state that Archen is made of rock, which would make an attack from it hurt a lot. One user joked that birds should be feared, while another jested that Archen can only attack when it feels up to it, mocking the Pokemon’s ability.

SmallMoon1910 is not the only gamer to point out disparities in stats, and another Pokemon fan pointed out discrepancies involving the Speed stat. Redditor tiefling_sorceress pointed out the fact that Miltank has a higher Speed stat than Rayquaza, while Venusaur is faster than Decidueye. They also presented the fact that Dugtrio is faster than Zapdos, while Rotom in its microwave form will get the first hit on a Dragonite. While it is funny to think that a cow can move more quickly than a dragon that rules the skies, this is done to help create balance in the games. However, it is still humorous that a microwave can get the first blow on a dragon that can circle the globe in 16 hours.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will release in 2022 for Nintendo Switch.

Source: Gamerant

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