Pokemon Fan Performs Rap as Team Rocket’s Giovanni

A popular TikTok content creator known for his raps on anime content reveals that his latest is on Team Rocket leader Giovanni.

The world of Pokemon is a relatively easy concept to grasp. Players attempt to catch all Pokemon available in the region to complete their Pokedex while collecting the eight gym badges in order to compete at the Indigo Plateau. Of course, life isn’t as simple with Team Rocket trying to run their crime syndicate and constantly running into your path.

The leader, known as Giovanni, is an imposing, intimidating individual that may speak in a calm tone but has a burning desire to control the Pokemon world. With a trusted Persian by his side, Giovanni also happens to be the eighth gym leader of Pokemon‘s Kanto region, setting up for the ultimate showdown to end a player’s quest to obtain all eight gym badges.


Giovanni might be the big antagonist of the Kanto region in Pokemon, but it hasn’t stopped a major portion of the Pokemon community from adoring the Team Rocket kingpin. The dark and mysterious life of Giovanni was given some backstory in the Pokemon anime series, allowing fans to get an idea of what drove him to resort to his lifestyle. While he mostly lurks in the shadows, leaning on his grunts to carry out his deeds, the details fans have seen from him is more than enough to build a certain admiration. One TikTok content creator went as far as to create a unique rap about him, highlighting the menacing story of the Viridian City gym leader.

TikTok’s thecamsteady dropped a teaser to his new track “Pokemon Villain Cypher,” which features the point of view of Giovanni himself. The full version is available on his official Spotify profile and is part of a large series of anime-themed raps titled Video Game Rap Battles. He has built a large following on TikTok, with over 53,000 followers and an accumulative count of 857.3K likes, spread across his entire channel. His repertoire is expansive, covering other Pokemon characters like Professor Sycamore from Pokemon X and Y to other games like Five Nights At Freddy’s and Genshin Impact. Pokemon Villain Cypher, the title of the Giovanni track, has amassed over 900,000 listens to date.

On Spotify, Cam Steady currently has a following of 60,848 monthly listeners, with many of his singles hitting six figures. On TikTok, most of his content ranges anywhere from the ten-thousands to the six-figure mark. As of this writing, his most-popular video stems from Markiplier’s infamous Smash or Pass video, where he provides commentary from a comedic standpoint on which Pokemon he’d either smash or pass on. While many content creators have come up with alternative versions to cover other anime series, Cam Steady instead loops over the Pokemon Rap track from the original anime series. The result includes photo-shopped art of Markiplier with a variety of Pokemon and has been seen over one million times on TikTok.

Source: Gamerant

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