Pokemon Fan Paints Lampshade to Look Like a Poke Ball

A Pokemon fan turns an IKEA lampshade into a Pokemon-themed DIY by painting it to look like a Poke Ball with a string that opens and closes it.

Nintendo fans have been among the most creative in the gaming community over the years, as increasing amounts of fan art, DIY crafts, and games inspired by Nintendo’s various franchises like Pokemon continue to be conceived. One Pokemon fan has decided to take their long-running love of the franchise and use it to make a DIY project that turns their lamp into something players may find in various games in the series.

Reddit user Stefiman2 posted a video yesterday in which they show off their Poke Ball lampshade creation, spinning it in circles to show a fully closed Poke Ball before pulling on a string to open it. Upon its unraveling, the function of this Poke Ball as a lampshade becomes more clear as light can easily pour through the gaps of varying sizes created by pulling on the aforementioned string. Although the Pokemon fan doesn’t show it being used with a light source, their demonstration shows this simple use of the item despite its visual complexity.


After Stefiman2 opens the Poke Ball lampshade in their brief clip, the pieces move in a way that makes it appear like a smaller squished Poke Ball is inside two halves of what was the exterior shell. The notable pieces look like Tetris puzzle bricks, and they come together and separate seamlessly when the lampshade is opened and closed, just as the puzzle game shapes fit together so effortlessly. The strings to separate and join these pieces of the Poke Ball lampshade are underneath the common Pokemon item in a way that suggests it may be installed in a hanging position or on a ceiling fan.

In Pokemon games, a Poke Ball only traditionally warps in strange ways, like the Poke Ball lampshade if a trainer is attempting to catch a wild Pokemon in some cases, with the ball struggling to contain some powerful creatures. With Stefiman2’s Poke Ball lampshade, the warped ball shows the inner intricate workings of the creation, which was initially a $70 IKEA lampshade but took on a life of its own as Stefiman2 painted it to reflect the tool used to capture Pokemon. The Poke Ball lampshade creates some fitting parallels between a Pokemon trainer catching and releasing Pokemon and Stefiman2’s lampshade holding and emitting light when it’s in use.

Because IKEA furniture is widely available, Pokemon fans from all over the world may be able to try their hand at recreating Stefiman2’s Poke Ball lampshade with enough time and paint. Stefiman2 has yet to show the Poke Ball lampshade in action, but their enthusiasm suggests that it will be a welcome and frequently utilized addition to their house.

Source: Gamerant

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